Download Serial Aghazadeh Part 16 سریال آقازاده قسمت شانزدهم

Download Serial aghazadeh Part 16 سریال آقا زاده قسمت شانزدهم

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Aghazadeh Part 16

aghazadeh part 16 serial , we saw that Haj Hassan, although he was a cautious man and did not jump into the water, but he also participated in the corruption of the Bahri family. With all his authority, Haj Hassan did not do anything against corrupt people against his old friend Haj Reza.

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Aghazadeh Part 16

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aghazadeh part 16, When he goes to Haj Reza’s house to seek his support from the Ministry of the Navy, Haj Reza accuses him and his companions of corruption and expresses aversion to them and their dirty economic activities.

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in aghazadeh part 16, But after a while of silence, Razia decides to share everything she knows about her and Nima’s past life with Hamed, in order to help Hamed get into the grip of Nima’s law, and on the other hand,

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, to settle her personal account with Nima has done. Revealing the story of Sohrab Sepehri’s painting and its counterfeiting and the big auction in which Nima buys that painting for a price of about 6 billion tomans is the first step.

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In aghazadeh part 16, Razieh and Hamed go to Master Arjang and again tighten the siege around Nima. But Nima does not sit idly by in the face of such actions,

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and this time he decides to show a decisive reaction and put Razia and Hamed in their place. This is how Razieh is arrested in the presence of Hamed’s parents and in front of the door of the mosque in the handcuffed neighborhood …

aghazadehe  16 | دانلود آقازاده شانزده

aghazadeh part 16, With the changes that have taken place in the course of aghazadeh part 16 story and the more colorful story of the arrival of Dr. Bahri’s character in the ministry, the occasional irony of the previous episodes has

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The aghazadeh part 16, been replaced by loud slogans and criticism of governments and the president’s personal position. It has been made public.

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In the aghazadeh part 16, A position that has been in the public arena and media for some time can easily be protested, criticized and even insulted, and attracted attention and became a hero.

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The position that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad went the most way to discredit and respect him, and now the twelfth government is making every effort to bring him to his destination.

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aghazadeh – Part 16 (Serial Irani)

In this aghazadeh part 16, However, in his fourteenth episode, aghazadeh part 16 falls into the abyss of his initial distractions, and sequences and plans are seen throughout the aghazadeh part 16 , the reason for which remains obscure,

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and more like the buttons that the production team intends to sew for that cat in the future. If they do not do this, they will be completely forgotten. Sequences such as the conversation sequence of Razia and Sara …

دانلود رایگان سریال اقازاده قسمت 16

aghazadeh part 16,At least Farhadi and the Mahdavians have justifications for their sloppiness – which really makes me wonder why the four tremors should give me a sense of stress and anxiety (in Farhadi’s case)?

svdhg hrhchni rslj 16

aghazadeh part 16, Now, if he is at war and comes with that production, he may gain some abilities, but in general, the emphasis of the camera is on the hand, not on the people, and the mise-en-scène cannot get it right,

aghazadeh ۱۶

In aghazadeh part 16 series, and the documentary sense that Mahdavian inspires is a problem for his films. It does work – they did, but here I see no reason why he inadvertently took so many film sequences to the camera.

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aghazadeh part 16, Displaying objects in the frame randomly. For example, half of the frame is walled up for no reason. Or in the auction sequence, several times a part of the orange scarf of the presenter is taken by the host in the corner of the frame,

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when the moment comes and goes, without seeing his head, for example. We have many examples of these. 3- In many places, in the “style” of the Mahdists, he flows objects or a part of the frame, which is badly seen and annoys the audience.

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