Download Serial Aghazadeh Part 17 سریال آقازاده قسمت هفدهم

Download Serial aghazadeh Part 17 سریال آقا زاده قسمت هفدهم

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Aghazadeh Part 17

aghazadeh part 17 serial , we saw that Bahri’s problems multiplied as soon as he reached the ministry. From meeting the expectations of those who helped him reach this position to being more careful in what he and his son do.

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Aghazadeh Part 17

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aghazadeh part 17, Nima tightens the circle of pressure on Razia, and this can not be without affecting her father’s issues and relationships. Dr. Bahri’s wife Sara is the only person who supports Razia on Nima’s front and

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in aghazadeh part 17, does her best to do something for Bahri. Bahri tries to negotiate with Hamed and dissuade him from his actions against Nima, but Hamed rejects the offer of reconciliation despite the more fearless and determined Razia.

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In prison, Razia can not get rid of Nima and her levers of pressure. The mental and physical harassment starts from the moment he enters prison for Razia,

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In aghazadeh part 17,and the only thing that keeps him going is short meetings with Hamed and his love. Dr. Bahri, Nima and other negative characters of the aghazadeh part 17 series are understandable and believable.

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The image of a government figure who himself and those around him are accused of corruption can be portrayed all over the world, from Russia to other parts of Europe and the United States and the world.

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aghazadeh part 17, But here are the positive characters of the series, who seem to be trying to mislead their audience by pretending to be modest, faithful and simple in the picture.

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The aghazadeh part 17, All the bad and corrupt people of the previous series are sitting at Haj Reza’s table. All of them were his warriors, colleagues and friends. Now it is said from the noble language that Haj Reza himself has been

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In the aghazadeh part 17, present in different parts of the government at different times. Now Haj Reza has withdrawn. His contemporaries have gone through government promotions and he has not.

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They are drowning in corruption and he is watching. Several pilgrims have left and one pilgrim remains. Now, is Haj Reza less guilty than the others ?!

aghazadeh – Part 17 (Serial Irani)

In this aghazadeh part 17, He, who did not reach his bones until the knife and did not enter his house, did not bend his eyebrows and opened the arena for carnivores! Myth-making

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about someone whose half-youth friends have been kidnapped is a distorted myth-making. The justification that he did not know or could not prevent the corruption of his comrades is also a distorted justification.

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aghazadeh part 17, Dr. Bahri and Nima did not get palace houses like them and Haj Hassan did not get his terrible network of corruption overnight. They have started their work from the ear of the likes of Haj Reza,

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aghazadeh part 17, and Haj Reza is also not known whether they really could not do something or did not want to and did not take the tragedy seriously. There is no reason for him to do this except to chant.

aghazadeh ۱۷

In aghazadeh part 17 series, Of course, I am saying this from his work and I have nothing to do with his original intention; This is what exists now. We also have a lot of these pointless flows in the film:

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aghazadeh part 17, from the poster that is in the auction, from the same extra objects in the frame, and so on. Another point is the volume is very high above the jump of the cats.

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Apart from the fact that all this volume of jump cuts are annoying to the movie – here is the aghazadeh part 17 series – the viewer is seen. But more importantly, for example, in the view where Nima and Manley are walking in the alley.

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