Download Serial Aghazadeh Part 2 سریال آقازاده قسمت دوم

Download Serial aghazadeh Part 2 سریال آقازاده قسمت دوم

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Serial Aghazadeh Part 2

aghazadeh part 2 serial , we became more familiar with the acquaintance background of Razieh and Nima. A simple but ambitious girl who does not like ordinary life in the city and has big dreams in her head. He is in a relationship with Nozar at the age of 20.

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Serial Agha zadeh Part 2

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in aghazadeh part 2 and this relationship accidentally leads him to meet Tina and then Nima. Nima’s glamor and charisma fascinate him, and his strange promises and speeches about his success deceive him and make him think of leaving Nozar, his city and his past life.

serial aghazadeh part 2 for free

On the other hand, at the present time, when the wedding is over and Hamed is still in the shock of Razieh’s career, Nima will be released on bail through the mediation of his father (Mehdi Soltani) and Haj Akbar (Jamshid Hashempour).

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aghazadeh part 2, he laughs at Hamed and sings arrogantly to him. Thus, the confrontation between the two good and bad grandsons of the story officially begins. In aghazadeh part 2 explicitly mentions the existence of corrupt networks in the executive and judicial organs of the country.

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A corrupt network consisting of gentlemen and nobles, of whom the pure gentlemen and gentlemen are also aware, and when they hear their names, they embody the black record of their past.

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in aghazadeh part 2,Haj Reza Tehrani, Hamed’s father, who is a pious and respectable person, enters the local mosque at the request of the arrested people and promises to order their work. Haj Akbar also orders Dr. Amir Bahri’s son to someone else.

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Hamed, along with Haj Mohsen (Mohammad Hossein Latifi), goes to the person in charge of the case to obtain Nima’s order to take advantage of his reputation. The creators of the series make a big difference between the orders of Haj Mohsen and Haj Reza with other pilgrims,

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aghazadeh part 2,but it is hoped that God will keep this land away from the orders of the pilgrims except for foreign bites and drought and lies. What an order for friends and foes alike.

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In this aghazadeh part 2, I wish the duties that some people feel on their shoulders that they must order others in front of others should be taken away from them as soon as possible.

پیشنهاد فیلم سون
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aghazadeh part 2 series Is ordering anything but rent? And do we have good and bad rents ?!The story of this episode goes back to the time before Manley joined Nima.

aghazadeh – Part 2 (Serial Irani)

Razia is a girl who has lost her parents and lives with her grandmother, she is an ambitious girl who has a normal financial situation, she is friends with a boy who works for Shahram,

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In this aghazadeh part 2, they talk about their future in the forest and Razia feels dissatisfied He quits his job and tells him to change your card.When the boy goes to the car to get his jacket for Razieh,

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in aghazadeh part 2 series, Razieh notices a scream and shouts. They cover him so that he can stay there and die, but when Razia sees him, he goes to his aid.

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Tina likes him and to thank him, she takes him to Nima Villa and tells him about the adventure. Nima tells Razia that she likes brave girls like you.

aghazadeh ۲

Razia is kept to be present at the party that night. On the other hand, her friend does not answer everything she calls and sends her a message that I am somewhere, I will call later.

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At that party, Nima gets a mobile phone for Razia and gives it to her as a gift to thank. That night, his friend brings a package to Shahram and he sees Razia at the party and takes her out with him.

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In this aghazadeh part 2, They get angry for a few days and again he sees Nima Razieh on the road and invites her to their period in the forest and there he tells her if you want to be successful, get rid of everything and anyone who hinders your success.

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