Download Serial Aghazadeh Part 8 سریال آقازاده قسمت هشتم

Download Serial aghazadeh Part 8 سریال آقا زاده قسمت هشتم

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Download Serial Aghazadeh Part 8


aghazadeh part 8 serial , we witnessed many events. This episode was a complete flashback to the past of the characters of the series and narrated the events that had happened before. Including the courtship ceremony of Razia and Hamed and how Razia was able to trap Hamed with a plan and trick and make him fall in love with her

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aghazadeh part 8, Razia has been in coordination with Nima Bahri all this time and has been implementing Nima’s plans face to face. It is not clear exactly what Nima had in mind in these incidents, but as far as Razia had admitted, in aghazadeh part 8, Nima’s intention was to tarnish the reputation of Hamed’s family.

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aghazadeh part 8 Even Nima says in a conversation with his colleagues that a case should be made for someone who does not have a case. He is referring to exactly this story. In the following, we see the trip of Hamed and Razieh to Mashhad, where they went for their honeymoon

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and during this period, various conversations are exchanged between Eido. Razieh says that from one place onwards she loved Hamed deeply, otherwise if it was not so, why should she have exposed Nima’s plans and thus risked her own life.

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aghazadeh part 8 But Hamed does not believe in these words at all and takes a sharp stance. In any case, Hamed has become very pessimistic and pessimistic because of the hand he has eaten in the process.

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In fact, the role of women in Iranian theatrical productions of these years depends on the classic Hollywood clichés “bad woman” and “good woman”. Bad women are those who use their physical beauty to seduce men.

agha zadehe  8 | دانلود اقا زاده هشت

So far in terms of cultural studies, stereotypes such as “The Rich Child of Tanasa”, “Aghazadeh”, “Parasto”, “Shogarddi”, “Shogramami”, “Family Transformation”, “Tradition vs. Modernity” and “Religion vs. Secularism” We found that it is repeated in most of the works of the home theater network,

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such as “Heart”, “kargadan”, “hamgonah”, “Aghazadeh”, “Romance” and so on. All of these works are demagogic and have no special artistic or cultural value and only seek to propagate a certain ideology.

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aghazadeh part 8 The discussion of ideology in plays is complex. For example, one of the reference articles in this field is a work entitled “John Ford and the Young Lincoln” written by a group of authors of “Kaye Dossinema” magazine.

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in aghazadeh part 8 Referring to Walter Benjamin’s theories, they emphasized that most works of art (especially in Hollywood) lack a conscious critique of capitalist relations of production.

aghazadeh – Part 8 (Serial Irani)

In their analysis of John Ford’s “Young Lincoln,” they concluded that the director had philosophical commitments (such as idealism and religiosity), political appointments (pro-Republican and capitalist), and an independent aesthetic system (special characters and narrative style). .

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Bill Nichols has an interesting article entitled “Face and Meaning in Modern Iranian Cinema” in which he describes his perception of Iranian cinema. He says Iranian films open a “new window into an unfamiliar culture.” If we look at it from this perspective

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the home theater network in Iran was supposed to provide a new window to theatrical works for Iranian audiences, but it seems that Sada-e Azadi, Ouj and other institutions are trying to take over this space.

svdhg hrhchni rslj 8

in aghazadeh part 8 The home theater network was supposed to have less censorship and help the growth of Iranian cinema with the presence of an army of famous actors, but with the production of dubious series, such as “Shahrzad”, these ideas went in another direction.

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aghazadeh ۸

Many critics criticize the lack of financial transparency of the home theater network series, let alone criticize corruption in society! The biggest semantic contradiction is formed here. What is the salary of the writer, director and actors of these series? How can acting enthusiasts play in these series?

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What is the selection of the factors of these works? What about their reception and sales? A friend of the journalist had calculated that with the money that was said about the production cost of the series “Shahrzad”, it was possible to make four films “Terminator 2”, which was one of the great Hollywood projects in the early 1990s.

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Another very important point is that recently, corruption trials have been held in which the names of people like Ghazi Mansouri and Akbar Tabari are prominent, and they were extremely influential people in the society! Why is the place of these people in the series aghazadeh part 8 empty? And why are we supposed to identify with Hamed, who is very kind and positive?

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