Download Serial Aghazadeh Part 9,10 سریال آقازاده قسمت نهم و دهم

Download Serial aghazadeh Part 9,10 سریال آقازاده قسمت نهم ‌و دهم

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Download Serial Aghazadeh Part 9,10

aghazadeh part 9,10 serial , we saw that just when Hamed finds his first serious clues in the corruption of Rahnama Holding and Nima Bahri himself, the Manley / Razieh trap spreads for him and he is more easily captured than expected. Hamed loses his heart to Razia with a few brief glances, and after arguing with himself, he finally tells his family about it.

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From now on, the story is told by Hamed’s family. Investigating from the door and the neighbor, talking to Razia and finally courting her in the presence of her grandmother. All the steps are done in the most traditional way possible. Wedding appointments are made and Hamed and his family are happy to find a faithful, noble and upside down wedding.

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But at the moment, where Hamed and Razieh have gone to Mashhad and Hamed can not cope with what happened, Razieh tries to show his interest in Hamed and asks him for forgiveness.

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Trapping Hamed’s character is so simple that it confuses the whole narrative. Hamed is the main and positive character of the aghazadeh part 9 ,10 and in fact the protagonist, and this incident completely shows the weakness of his personality and calls into question his character.

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Even acknowledging this personality weakness, it is still very difficult to believe in this form of marriage. Also, the type of approach and life of the Tehrani family that tries to be presented as a suitable model of life is not without problems

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Adherence to such traditions, rejoicing that the bride and groom have never looked at each other, and bagging that the bride’s prayers are not left on time, even on the night of courtship, and finally turning a blind eye to other things, are the result except Can this have?

agha zadehe  9 , 10 |  دانلود اقا زاده نه و ده

The Tehrani family, who are introduced as the pure heroes of the society, have behaved like their private lives in the face of the changes in the society.

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Those who were aware of the misbehavior of their former friends and contemporaries only turned away from them and became preoccupied with their lives and were subjugated on the stage of society. Is their work different from putting Quebec under the snow ?!

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serial aghazadeh ghesmat 9,10

aghazadeh part 9 , 10 has found his audience after seven more episodes. Audiences that some of them like and follow the series and its characters, and others are also looking for possible margins that aghazadeh part 9,10 is prone to figure out in each episode.

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Margins that include the omission of some of the dialogues in Section 6 and an analysis of why these dialogues were omitted, which the creators of the aghazadeh part 9 ,10  say were moral and religious dialogues, to the sarcasm of government officials and the similarities in cyberspace between the characters and real people. Find.

aghazadeh – Part 9 ,10 (Serial Irani)

While in recent weeks there has been a lot of speculation about the role model of Bahri played by Mehdi Soltani in the life of Mohammad Ali Najafi and the murder of Mitra Ostad by the former mayor of Tehran,

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Hamid Reza Goodarzi, the lawyer of the Najafi family, says that they are following the news of aghazadeh part 9,10  in order to sue its creators if they present a picture that damages the client’s family status.

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Goodarzi says in this regard: “Many articles have been published in magazines that one of the characters in aghazadeh part 9 ,10 series is similar to my client and the story of him and Ms. Mitra Ostad has been portrayed, but in the last few episodes,

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svdhg hrhchni rslj 9 ,10

we have not seen any sign of this similarity. We have not seen any reference to the murder of Ms. Ostad and Mr. Najafi’s case in aghazadeh part 9,10 series so far, but I talked to her from the day these issues were raised in the media and got legal permission to do so,

aghazadeh ۹,۱۰

so that in the future parts of this series “If a form is published that deprives Mr. Najafi of his life and family status, we will definitely pursue the issue in court.”

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The lawyer, who has worked as a special investigator for important cases in the 1970s, such as the Night Bat, Shahrokh and Somayeh, talks about how his client can be identified in a aghazadeh part 9,10 series that they want to restore. He also said: “We have to see if watching these episodes,

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which are constantly promised in the publications, has a direct reference to Mr. Najafi’s story?” “Well, this is clear, and if that happens, we will definitely take the necessary legal action in coordination with the family.”

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