Download serial Del part 10 سریال دل قسمت دهم

Download serial Del part 10 سریال دل قسمت دهم

Download serial del part 10

del part 10
del episode 10

In Del part 10 serial In this episode of Del part 10 we saw Bahram Afshari’s first appearance in the story process, until the cast list was honored .But what’s most important is the fantastic play of Bahram Afshari in the role of Farabah, who, with his first few sequences, played so strong that it is now a head and neck of all the actors and even the serial whole.

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del part 10

Now we are introduced to a new character in the Del part 10 series. A character named Farab, who is a former wife of the dead, and as Serial tried to tell us, she was separated from him while in prison.

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Farab the big lot of place and evil. She loves Mercedes so much and now all of her thoughts come out of jail and revenge.

del part 10

danlode del ۱۰

So the future of Atabak (Bizhan Emkanian) with its plans and the love story that will come to fruition cannot be so clear.

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On the other hand, Eva chases Resta and Resta does not keep up with her goal of being with Mehran and leaving Arash. Except for repeating those words that could not be expected of a person with sanity.


Robbie is still living his dream. Turan continues to pursue this dream. But what we got from Arash’s talk is that there is no chance for Robbie, and Arash doesn’t even care about Robbie as a cousin.

del part ten

The series is still going smoothly. Incomplete characterization continues, and even this trend of serial romance has not at least worked more on the characters.

dell 10 | دانلود دل دهم

Arash, though knowing that Rosta has come to the company on the condition that she has no connection with him, risks the first day and puts flowers on the table and orders her coffee and food.

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This is not a wise person. Resta continues to say that Mehran’s words that day influenced me in my Roman hairdresser and I knew Mehran was a better person.

download del 10 | سریال دل قسمت ۱۰

Well, we know for sure that the reason for the separation of Arash from Arash cannot be that unless the village is a mental patient.

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If we divide the heart into two parts, one half of it will be a picture with music and the other half will be a game and a dialogue.

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The biggest disadvantage of this series is Orum, which makes the viewer tired of watching the sequel. We have to wait and see if the characters are suffering from mental illness or there are really secrets to this simplicity.

serial jadid dell episode 10

In episode 10 of Hearts we will see: In episode 9 we saw a meeting between Robbie and Arash, and in this episode Robbie tries to recreate the past romantic relationship between Arash and Arash, as well as with Arash. Misrepresenting him in the eyes of Arsh, which causes Arsh to deal with him harshly.

دانلود رایگان سریال دل قسمت 10

After Farab’s divorce, Mr Farab is quietly reluctant to release himself from prison in any way.
And we also see some back-to-back playoffs between Merced and Farab in Part 10.
And on the other hand, the relationship between Mehran Tehrani has been re-formed but he is trying to deny it between his family and Khosrow’s father.

In episode 10, I see that Arash is going to surprise Rasta’s birthday and make him happy in whatever way he can, but Robbie threatens Arash with suicide by trying to deter Arash from doing so. It does.

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