Download serial Del part 11 سریال دل قسمت یازدهم

Download serial Del part 11 سریال دل قسمت یازدهم

Download serial del part 11

del part 11
del episode 11

In Del part 11 serial It seems as if Dell’s serial makers are launching a new initiative to present their work more time. After “What Happened”, which is the constant footsteps of all the serials, a single episode of the episode is presented to the audience so they can know for a few minutes what the story is likely to be in the same episode, and of course, the single episode. It spreads more fully and reaches audiences. After this single-page caption will be played.

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del part 11

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قسمت 12 سریال دل روز چهارشنبه 30 بهمن منتشر می شود / The del part 12 will be released February 19

This single scene in Part II is about Ava’s anesthesia in the courtyard. In the third part of the scene, Dasta is sitting on the bed and standing beside the door. In the fourth part, an image of Resta’s finger on the doorbell of his house.

پیشنهاد فیلم سون
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The problem is that the initiative is packaged like a milk, a mixture of palm oil and water. When “Again” and “Same Time”, “Same Scene” “Completely” repeated at the beginning of the next episode (each scene three times repeated) we notice the amount of water used in the series.

del part 11

danlode del ۱۱

That is, three times Ava becomes unconscious. At the beginning of the second part, the dialogues between Rasta and Mehran, which at times seemed extremely bad and ridiculous, were repeated. A few more times through what has been going on and the flashbacks become more and more salty.

del part 11

Downnload del Serial part 11

Footnote: If I had been Manouchehr Hadi, I would never have given my name (as a director) after appearing in single scenes with constant repetition.


Serial bystanders aren’t bad at all. From Turan’s father to the couple who give their gift and get ready for the wedding dinner. In the meantime, the playing of most of the actors, depending on the situations in which they are located (not varied in these situations), is almost average and quite ordinary.

del part Eleventh

Said Rad, as the father of Rosta, is no different and, of course, extremely optimistic. That “the restaurant has a reason for every decision it makes” seems a lot. Because if there was a rational reason to do it right on the day of the wedding, there is no justification.

پیشنهاد فیلم سون
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So the characterization of Rasta’s father (who has never had a personal world yet and has a thin skin) seems largely unattainable.

dell 11 | دانلود دل یازدهم

Resta’s mother, who is actually her stepmother, is still a kind woman with no complexity or difference.

Although her 100% agreement with her husband’s comments is part of her characterization, we are still seeking some challenge in this sensitive situation of their daughter’s disappearance.

A mother does not behave much like a father, but it ends here as a “how much you care” dialogue between the two.

danlod del part 11

Hamed Behdad and then Yasser Nasser have certainly looked better in the middle of these games. It is obvious that most of them are present in these episodes, but some of the playful details we have about Hamad by default have affected the relative attractiveness of Arash’s character.

download del 11 | سریال دل قسمت ۱۱

We can see this in his mental flashback on the day of the match. Remember, one of these flashbacks was a scene repetition in the first part of the series (surprise the villain with a flower-filled apartment), but the good news is that at least the author, like the Mannequin series, has not followed the “love at a glance” narrative. However, Kaidan’s far-fetched final day was, never before, a match day.

پیشنهاد فیلم سون
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danlode serial del ( part 11 )

The worst serial character is undoubtedly Rasta. Even worse than Mehran. The good voice of Sarah Bayes and the pauses she likes to have in her dialogues do not save this much introverted bride.


This character is written in a uniform manner, and his absence or lack thereof in the second to fourth parts does not differ much from the cold and brutal presence. Mehran would also shred or burn himself, there would be no shaking.

danlode seryale del ghesmat 11

His comedic character reminds me of the character of Jale in the Blue Whale series. The peer-to-peer character looks better than the rest of the character.

At least so far. I hope Rasta will come to terms with this, as it seems to be all about the people of this series and her decisions.

serial jadid dell episode 11

Serial rhythm doesn’t get any worse. In the meantime, as soon as a minor incident occurs, the director strangles the same rhythm particle in a timely manner.

Views showing Ava’s hands in the blood as she tears into a glass, abruptly cuts to another static view while her hands are closed and her mother and daughter say ordinary, mother-daughter words.

پیشنهاد فیلم سون
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دانلود رایگان سریال دل قسمت 11

Just as Mehran arrives in the courtyard of Rosta’s house on the day of his wedding, with a gasoline shovel, another cut takes place.

While all the characters stand in their place like statues and do nothing. There is really no indication of Rasta’s sympathy for Mehran as he breathes it. We find this artificial, unbelievable sympathy of the village more and more in the scene.

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