Download serial Del part 13 سریال دل قسمت سیزدهم

Download serial Del part 13 سریال دل قسمت سیزدهم

Download serial del part 13

del part 13
del episode 13

In Del part 13 serial , at the height of disbelief, the story moved slightly forward. The first major event was the encounter of Arash with a village, sitting across from Mehran celebrating his birthday.

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The fact that Rosta loves Mehran and started a romantic life, but she still understands her cries and behavior, does not want to live with Mehran at all and is forced into this relationship.

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Dealing with Arash (hamed behdad) and his action I will postpone this story for later, because at least in this episode it was not paid much and if everything goes as I expect, Arash will finally be outraged by the anger and now it may be On his way to Robbie, someone we’ve come to know during these few episodes to own Arash, and he has a big supporter in the middle of Turan.

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del part 13

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But as we go through Arash, we’re looking at what we’ve been up to, the reason for the wedding being canceled, where we now know that the elevator has been stolen. But who stole it and why?

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Before all that was good to go back to the beginning of the serial and when Arash and Eve were looking for the building in the building and as we were shown in that episode, there was no way out of the building except for the one Arash was waiting for in the building.

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Now to show the picture that the car that stole the village from the front of Arash and Ava’s eyes is really meaningless.


But he made a lot of speculations about who was going to commit the theft.
The first finger of accusation, as Rasta pointed out, was the kind of person who said he would do anything to get to the village, and ironically the type of person who stole the village was not unlike Mehran, but well, he may have missed it all. Okay.

del part Thirteenth

At the simplest possible point, this robbery can be attributed to Turan, Turan’s phone can be recalled to Robbie, and he imagined that phone was in fact a map of victory on the map.
But it could be a little further from the axioms.

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For thousands of reasons to go back to the same sentence of Arash’s first day of jealousy, Rosta is getting married, not Rosta’s real sister, that Arshak’s lover, that Eva is not right at all, as her mother saw in this episode.

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The knife in her hand is terribly frightened, which means the strange backdrop behind the face we see.

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But it could go farther and reach Nekisa, who we know is deeply in love with Rastas and certainly not a simple sidekick when Cyrus Tahami plays his role. Nakisa may be the one who wanted to break up the marriage, but we know well that something happened in the middle of the rape that made these possibilities more complicated.

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In this episode, however, Rosta’s driving role was an interesting character who, though full of weaknesses and disadvantages, was one of those lovely characters.

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Although it had some very stereotypical and ridiculous sentences, though his mouthpiece was not in tune with it, though Rasta Dika was sweating profusely.

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recognizing that the situation was serious and needed to be replaced by Joshua, but one of the characters in general. It was fascinating, at least among these characters that no other figure could relate to.

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My heart goes out so badly, and after all this time, we have been given a lot of thread so that we can get more involved. I hope to see better and more sensible events in the future of this series.

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