Download serial Del part 17 سریال دل قسمت هفدهم

Download serial Del part 17 سریال دل قسمت هفدهم

Download serial del part 17

serial Del part 17

In Del part 17 serial , unrelenting emphasis on the extreme use of music in storytelling is another strange drawback of the heart. Often voluminous music, sometimes even louder than the characters, makes it difficult to hear the dialogues properly.

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del part 17

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قسمت 18 سریال دل روز 27 فروردین منتشر می شود / The del part 18 will be released April 15

These music are not commensurate with the situation we are witnessing. In the cast, with the exception of Hamed Baddad, who managed to compensate for Arash’s poor characterization with his relatively good acting, the other cast seem to be the wrong choice for the series.

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The bad play of Sara Bayat, along with Nasrin Manganloo’s recurring role as the dominant woman, has also made del a failure in acting. “del” is another weak TV series that has little to worry about and is designed to satisfy del sponsors.

serial del part 17

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In the making of del, the smallest filmmaking issues were not respected, and instead, as far as possible, the camera frame was provided by sponsors to capture how their products were portrayed in the series. How far will the serialization fall on the home theater network go?

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There is also a story that makes the audience eager to see the story continue. It is the relationship between Atabak (Bizhan emkanian) and Turan (Nasrin Moghanloo) that is the strength of the script. Just a point in the story that is a bit complicated. Atabak obeys Turan’s appearance and bends and straightens in front of him

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. But within this relationship a fire is being formed that is gradually revealing itself. But it was still there to make Atabak’s character smarter. Among the many reasons for not seeing the series, this point in the story encourages little to watch.

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The final point is about some serial games as well as the cast. Mehrawa Sharifi Nia plays the role of a very artificial Rabi. In the role of Mehran, Mehdi Koushaki has failed to understand the role of a sick man who loves a girl. Said Rad’s role in Khosrow’s father, Rosta’s father, does not care


But Nasrin Moghanloo may have the best serial role in Turan, Arash’s mother. The only actor who appears strong from the beginning and understands the character well. Hamed Behdad and Bijan Omani have also appeared acceptable and the rest of the cast are all regular players. It should be noted that del’s serial music is perhaps the most appealing part of the series

del part 17se01

This beautiful soundtrack is made by Babak Zarrin, who has enough experience in making soundtracks for the series. Babak Zarrin’s previous work includes music for the series “The King’s Tale” and “Tabriz in May”.

del 17 | دانلود دل هفدهم

Overall, like most home theater series, del is made with only strong financial backing, the use of face cast, and a strong and engaging script. The most disadvantage of this series is its creators’ use of the elements of the Turkish serials mentioned in the text.

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del should be the third highest-grossing series in the series. Although the latest news from the series was released last month or this month, it was released in late September, but is not available right now.

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del is made by the always-best-selling director of Iranian cinema, Manouchehr Hadi. My films Nine Salvador, Mirror, Rahman 1400, and Love Serial were so high that it is now widely thought to be one of the best-selling anything the director does.

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The heart of del’s serial is as follows: del’s world is an unknown world. From darkness and light to hatred and forgiveness and from love and hatred to joy and rejoicing and separation, they sometimes conquer the heart.

دانلود رایگان سریال دل قسمت 17

Also starring in the series are Bahram Afshari, Bijan Omkanian, Afsaneh Biggan, Hamed Behdad, Sara Bayat, Kurosh Tahami, Saeed Rad, Leila Zare, Ali Sokhangoo, Mehroa Sharifinia, Tino Salehi, Mehdi Koshaki, Nasrin Moghanloo and Yekta Nasser.

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In this role, Iraj Mohammadi as producer and Babak and Maysam Kidan assisted him in his role as writer.The heart-wrenching serial story takes place. Serial story about the split between two people and…


we might expect a better and more reasonable expectation to fall in the fall, though for this The series also seems unlikely to have anything else to make it even sooner or later.

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