Download serial Del part 2 سریال دل قسمت دوم

Download serial Del part 2 سریال دل قسمت دوم

Download serial del part 2

del part 2
del episode 2

In Del part 2 serial presence of Saeed Rad (Khosro – father of Rasta and Ava) and the legend of Bayegan (Nahid – wife of Khosro and the real mother of Ava and stepdaughter of Rasta) as actresses of old age who have a good picture in mind are all contributing to this record. . But let’s not forget that the Mannequin Del part 2 is still a failed one, despite the presence of Mohammad Reza Forutan and Marilla Zare (whose acting has since been overshadowed by poor characterization and joined in stereotypes and boredom).

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del part 2

This Del part 2 is superfluous in its storytelling, characters and even its main message and has nothing serious to say about us. It’s also unlikely that Del part 2 will be anything different from mannequins or other fashionable home-based networking serials, according to our experience and experience. Dismantle the community. Our home network will fall asleep.

del part 2

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Weaknesses in technique and performance are evident. Serial music is intensely repetitive and not often audible and, most importantly, is often incompatible with the sense of the scene; Babak Zarrin, with a track record for the Tabriz serial in May and King’s Enigma, seems to have never been so creative. These comedic music comes under the context of most scenes (I almost can’t remember a scene without music) and even dominates the voice of the actor (Sareh Bayat) in the early scene, as we can hardly hear his voice.

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Although Said Rad’s abrupt appearance for a brief moment with his fabulous music and a justifiable return to the past can be justified by seeing a footprint, the rest of the story has nothing to do with the characters.


Sarra is a quiet woman who has almost no work in terms of face or personality (unlike Rasta’s adoptive mother). When a sudden message arrives on his phone, he artificially holds his cellphone in front of the camera for a few seconds and displays the message. His reactions to Arash’s weird, too-cool-to-surprise surprises seem to hopefully be part of the characterization, not the actor’s distinct taste for the story.

dell 2 | دانلود دل دوم

Nevertheless, the coldness of the village is really great and its contrast with the warmth of Arash has created a great contrast in this couple. This contrast can provide a context for the complexity of their relationship or, as we have seen in Mannequin, nothing in the psychology of the characters, whether in marriage or in interpersonal relationships.

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Rasta’s sister has a short but fun part in the Del part 2, and we are going to have a love story for her as well. One of Cyrus’s famous ancestors is Tahami, who was not active in the bullying scene of a creditor against Khosro (we do not know Khosro’s relationship with him at the moment) and did not even detail a single move.

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del part 2

One of the good parts is Turan’s photos with his father, which, unlike the many synthetic photos we usually see in soap operas, make them feel real. Decoupage is also good. At first we have more open shots because we still don’t feel close to Turan and his father, but then the frames get closer and we can watch them both in individual frames in close-up media. The interesting thing about this scene is that, with the arrival of Atabak, these frames return to their original position twice and depart from the characters.

danlod del 2 free | دل قسمت دوم

Turan is reluctant to treat her husband as an arithmetic. It is a reminder of an unbalanced relationship in the past. So even the camera place planted in Turan’s room and (remotely) re-watch the father-son dialogue (this time from Turan’s perspective) is one of the few good places in the camera. When we leave it to Thoran’s good introduction to the film (his performances combined with the portrayal of a happy and contented woman), we come to the conclusion that, to this day, the stereotypical type of mother-in-law and grudge-holder has at least been good at acting and acting.

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However, when we return to the past with the perspective of Turan (Nasrin Moghanloo) we do not even have a simple picture marking on his face. A high-pitched, long-shot frame shot of a small Turan J suddenly shifts to a dark, dark frame where Turan sits on the left side of the trunk.

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This awkward jump at the moment separates the audience from the Del part 2. After a minute, we find ourselves in the past. If the writer keeps using this technique and escapes from linear storytelling and goes on time adventures, he will certainly not get anywhere. Kaidan also used extravagant time trips to Mannequin, of which only one of the five flashbacks seemed necessary.

del part two

My frustration with the home broadcasting network is because the serial space is out of the culture that should be promoted but cannot be, and my discomfort with the culture that should not be promoted. We just have to pray for the audience to have a deeper perspective and reasonable expectations for the Del part 2 to take a different approach, one that is not neglected in the socio-political context.

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I do not remember a very good film by Manouchehr Hadi. Baggage Mirror was a representation of a class gap, but without any serious and profound look. His comedic language had some bites and some good criticism, but with a bee sting and a finishing touch that made the same little criticism, it didn’t just keep the movie in mind, it looked like all the best-selling blockbusters with only a few funny scenes. کنید Add the untitled ones and the typological stereotypes ؛ The only truth of the film is the girl is gone, and the internally trained are all stupid, superficial and liars.

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