Download serial Del part 3 سریال دل قسمت سوم

Download serial Del part 3 سریال دل قسمت سوم

Download serial del part 3

del part 3
del episode 3

In Del part 3 serial While we are witnessing an accidental process, Arash returns home, and in the middle of this unprecedented serial process, we revisit the sequences of episode one, when Arash first brought Resta to this house, and Because it’s not long before the audience sees these images, they remember them perfectly and the long maneuvering on these images will have no names other than time-consuming.

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del part 3

This Del part 2 Atabak’s apology and the dialogues chosen for this apology were so unrealistic and had such an effect on the actor that he could hardly believe it and understood the inconvenience. A father whose wedding has been shattered by his son and a major disaster has taken place in his life will not be so cold.

del part 3

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We still see the magic of the tranquility, while a long time has passed since the loss of the village, at least the serial has shown us something strange about why time is not running at the hotel.I think there is a major problem with the process, as well as the speed of the serial process.

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In the serialization process, we use scenes that actually depict the characters’ imagination and their imagination, much like the other home-theater work of the day, the Mankan serial series. And by the way, these scenes have a special place in what you will see next.


In fact, it has become a trick for serial creators to instill in the viewer a sense of excitement in the future if the viewer enters the next episode in anticipation of not only the illusion, but even the serial. She has nothing to say.

dell 3 | دانلود دل سوم

Iranian soap operas are predictable because they have a completely similar process. A second critique of the fast-paced serialization process is that it seems unwilling to move on. It’s really no hurry. We still see shots left and right of the hall to get to know the hall and sponsor of the series.

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I really appreciate the writing of this film, because it is infinitely digestible and believable that not only the Atabak dialogues but also the exchanges between Arash and the police are no exception. And finally Ava and Arash. Really, once in a while, what you see in a movie or TV series is so unbelievable that you think of yourself as not watching it before it airs? As a viewer can she really accept that?

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del part 3

Avesta’s sister speaks in a sequence that forces her to speak, as if everything ends up hurting her. Everything was resolved by the sentence that Mehran had come to the barber and threatened the barber not to leave. Certainly it’s his job. That is, any ordinary person with the IQ at least in Ava’s position considered the first possibility that Mehrani was inside the barber’s building that day and threatened Resta.

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As I said in the previous episode, this digestible thing is that she didn’t want to think about Arash, but her sister is in danger and may have something to do with the kind of guy all over the world who knows her neighbor is not right, On the day of his sister ‘s gasping day, he came home to set himself on fire. So it is a very big threat to the village.

danlode seryale del ghesmat 3

Ava is silent, but this silence goes on until Arash (hamed behdad) has to talk and Arash says Mehran has nothing to do with it, Rasta doesn’t even answer!I do not know! I really don’t know what to criticize for something that’s fundamentally wrong.

download del 3 | سریال دل قسمت ۳

But the only hope we can hope for is that Ava might have Arash, and for that reason she has been silent and twisted the story so that Arash doubts. We can come to this issue from Ava’s opposition to the marriage mentioned in Part I and Ava’s not speaking to Mehran.

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del part three

Only then can we justify Ava’s unjustified behavior. You have to wait and see what happens.And the only feeling of watching this series is the feeling of regret. A pity for the art that is bought with money and the audience that pays for the art that not only adds to it, but also a bit of a mess!

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