download serial Del part 37 سریال دل قسمت سی و هفتم

Download Serial del Part 37 سریال دل قسمت سی و هفتم

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Del part 37

del part 37 serial,The twenty-seventh episode of the series del part 37 directed by Manouchehr Hadi and written by Babak Kaidan will be distributed on Thursday, June 20, by the legal site Halal Download.

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تماشای آنلاین سریال دل قسمت 37

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Del part 37

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Rasta (Sara Bayat) and Arash (Hamed Behdad), who love each other romantically, reach their wedding day after many ups and downs, but after finding an old rival on their wedding night …

serial del part 37 for free

del part 37, Rasta finally agrees to marry Nakisa. Ava’s strange insistence does not make anyone suspicious either. Agreements are made and arrangements are made for their small ceremony.

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The del part 37 series, But Nahid, Ava’s mother, on the one hand, and Arash, on the other, become suspicious. The constant contact of the wedding cameraman finally answers and Arash is informed of Khosrow’s presence in the studio

seryal del part 37

and the preparation of films in front of the barber shop door. A film that Arash is also preparing a copy of, but what Khosrow was looking for and achieved does not attract Arash’s attention.

پیشنهاد فیلم سون
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The del part 37 series, Nahid also doubts Ava’s behavior and after questioning her doctor-therapist and after secretly hearing her and Nakisa’s conversations and seeing Arash in the hospital, she arrives at Spanta’s family home.

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Talking to Arash’s mother finally causes Nahid to put together scattered images of her mind and discover Ava’s role in the recent events of their lives.

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In del part 37, Home show del part 37 series are aired one after the other, and their distance from the real life of the people goes further. After the release of weak series such as “mankan” with a luxurious atmosphere, now it is the turn of del part 37 to deal

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The del part 37, with the life of the affluent strata of society and there is no sign of the life of a large part of society. Of course, it is not a problem that the subject of a series does not include a certain stratum, but it seems that the producers of del part 37 serials

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on the home theater network do not believe in del part 37 stories that include the weak stratum of society, and all of them are the same. , Love to tell luxury stories and the necessary advertising uses of this type of lifestyle.

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del – Part 37 (Serial Irani)

the  del part 37 series, directed by Manouchehr Hadi was made with the same conditions and has created a new distance from the level of weakness and artificiality with other compositions of the home theater network.

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In del part 37 episode, is simple and repetitive. The old loves that have come to destroy the newly formed lives. A story that has been very popular on the home theater network, at least until today, and has attracted many audiences.

دانلود رایگان سریال دل قسمت 37

Here, too, is the story of a girl named Rasta (played badly by Sara Bayat) who is about to marry Arash (Hamed Behdad), but Rasta’s old love arrives and the wedding is disrupted. Not really…

svdhg nd 37

in del part 37, However low we can tell, this week’s low-level series shows itself at a lower level. Even the thousand-part Turkish series at least try a little, just thinking a little about how a person might behave in certain circumstances. But this series really has no thought behind it.

del ۳۷

The del part 37, We are watching the Iranian version of Indian films decades ago.I’m sorry we really don’t allow such serials to be published. del part 37 Serials that openly offend audiences.

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The del part 37 series, that lower the level of people’s thinking and expectations are strangely low.Serials that have no meaning or content for their audiences.

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In the del part 37 episodes, Resta’s father has no resemblance to a father; his character is a complete disaster and his example here is that worrying about their father and calmly standing in front of Resta is nothing but Mehran.

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