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Download Serial del Part 38 سریال دل قسمت سی و هشتم

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Del part 38

del part 38 serial directed by Manouchehr Hadi, with a large number of actors, has been broadcast on the home theater network for some time. In this article, we will examine how the del part 38 series is modeled on Turkish examples and does not have a coherent script.

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After graduating, Manouchehr Hadi entered the field of art and tried various jobs such as acting, assistant director and logistics. His first film was Turbulence.

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del part 38, He also made four telefilms called “The Last Day of the Moon”, “Accident”, “Tomorrow’s Opportunities” and “Unobtrusive Alley”, which he directed and wrote in addition to directing. In terms of directing,

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The del part 38 series, he has made films such as “I’m not Salvador”, “Someone Wants to Talk to You” and “We Need a Simple Worker”, as well as series such as “Goodbye Baby” and “Romance”.

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Manouchehr Hadi also has the experience of assistant director in Asghar Farhadi’s “Syrian Wednesday”. Most of Manouchehr Hadi’s works in cinema have been box office works and have been made with good financial support.

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The del part 38 series, Manouchehr Hadi has tried to present his films using famous actors, and unfortunately, in the meantime, what is not very important in his films is the script element.

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We have witnessed such a situation in his serials. The del part 38 series has suffered a lot from the lack of this element, which we will examine in this article.

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In del part 38, The first thing that can be clearly seen in this series is that all the characters are in good financial condition. They live in houses like a palace and ride in expensive cars.

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The del part 38, A situation that is not clear at first glance, how it is determined in relation to the current conditions of society. The only people who are not rich in the del part 38 series are two servants,

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one from the same house and a bad character. What was the director’s goal in making such a series in the current situation?

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del – Part 38 (Serial Irani)

the  del part 38 series, Pay attention to his directing form. In many shots, both in terms of the location of the camera and in terms of the type of movement, the camera seems to serve to induce luxury in cars, home appliances and the wedding hall.

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In del part 38 episode, These actions, which can be seen not only in this series but also in his previous works such as “Aine Beghal” and “Rahman 1400”, are at best not to say that it not only serves to condemn the conditions of these people

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and is a kind of propaganda, but also It is a very superficial and direct confrontation with class differences. It tells us to see what wealth these people have in this society and many people are longing for their bread! This?

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in del part 38, How deep does the series go when these people reach this position? How much does it take to root? Does using the camera and only showing their aristocratic life criticize their situation?

del ۳۸

The del part 38, The second point about this series is that its creators follow the rules of many low-quality Turkish series. The most important model of these works is dealing with

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The del part 38 series a story full of failed loves and people who struggle to reach their love, and this story lasts until the last part. In addition, the irrational use of slow motion in many scenes, as well as the glamorous display of household items.

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In the del part 38 episodes Even pay attention to the form of the narrative. The characters constantly remember the past in such a way that these successive returns to the past have no appeal after the other two or three episodes.

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