download serial Del part 39 سریال دل قسمت سی ونهم

Download Serial del Part 39 سریال دل قسمت سی و نهم

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Del part 39


del part 39 serial The payoff of the characters is that only everyone has money without knowing where they got the money from. The del part 39 series leaves this issue as well as its origins entirely to us. He himself hides behind the label of criticism of the rich class.

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I wish instead of following the pattern of Turkish serials, they would go for American serials. Of course, the pattern of those series is much harder and more complex,

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del part 39, and friends are not used to hard work and think of nothing but making money. What is the relationship between the creators of the series and the people they portray?…

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The del part 39 series,Let’s take a look at the whole plot of the del part 39 series so far. Rasta (Sara Bayat) breaks up the wedding for some reason and breaks up her family and Arash (Hamed Behdad).

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 He humiliates Arash and after a few days behaves as if he had the right to do so. Others become frustrated when they see that he does not want to answer a lot of questions.

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The del part 39 series, The only logic is that the questions should not be answered in order for the series to continue. On the night of the wedding, Turan (Nasrin Moghanloo) calls Rabi (Mehraveh Sharifinia),

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who is in love with Arash, and tells him about it. Ironically, it’s Robbie’s wedding that night, and he leaves the groom alone. This symmetry seems very silly at times.

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In del part 39, At least the story could have been written in such a way that Robbie would have understood the matter a few days before his wedding; Not exactly the moment he has to go to the ceremony.

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The del part 39, After being humiliated, Arash asks him the reason when Rasta appears, and Rasta constantly humiliates Arash with his cold behavior, and Arash does not seem to have been humiliated.

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When Rasta asks Arash why he did this? He says: – Go Arash – he still does not say anything and leaves. Is this love or the author’s plan to stretch the story?

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del – Part 39 (Serial Irani)

the  del part 39 series,There is a scene where Robbie goes to Arash’s room while Arash is asleep.Or in the wedding sequence there are scenes where some men dance and other women and men shake hands.

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In del part 39 episode, When we live in a country where we can not show such scenes as they should be emotionally charged, then why do we seek to include such scenes in the del part 39 series at all.

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A very strong hypothesis shows these years. By abusing this limitation, we make the audience laugh. A preparation that Manouchehr Hadi has already used in his works.

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in del part 39, The use of these scenes makes us laugh at first, but in principle we have to cry. Because these limitations are only for the business of making the audience laugh.

del ۳۹

The del part 39, It is very unlikely that we will come to the conclusion that mocking these subjects is a platform for overcoming limitations.

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The del part 39 series, there is a story that makes the audience a little eager to see the continuation of the story. It is the relationship between Atabak (Bijan Amkanian) and Turan (Nasrin Moghanloo) that is the strong point of the script.

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In the del part 39 episodes The only part of the story that’s a little complicated. Atabak is obedient to Turan in appearance and bends and straightens in front of him like a subordinate.

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