Download serial Del part 4 سریال دل قسمت چهارم

Download serial Del part 4 سریال دل قسمت چهارم

Download serial del part 4

del part 4
del episode 4

In Del part 4 serial went through a frustrating process. We have to review the Fourth part of Del series . In the first part of the series I had a cast of actors as if they were somehow still under way and somehow had a very quiet dialogue and had no contact with their character.

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del part 4

But unfortunately in this episode, we find that not only the cast, but also the whole series and the story.

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As we were stuck in a large part of the series just looking for a bride and looking for the bride, I hope, There is something compelling about hiding or escaping the castle, because with the two floors we saw and the presence of Arash Tail in the building, it is almost impossible to get out of the building and find it impossible in the building.

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But going through all of this, it was very strange to me to play a hairdresser. What an exaggerated and exaggerated excitement and anxiety it seemed, and it’s interesting that we didn’t see this amount of worry in Arash.

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The irrelevant and childish dialogues and the time-consuming hairstylist of the hairdresser and boy that Arash had in his blood was also extremely disturbing. But the issue of sub actors doesn’t end there. Arash’s filmmaker, while talking to Arash, summed up all three sentences with the courtesy of these three sentences: Sir I’m not going to interfere, I understand your situation, but usually you have to call the police.

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The wedding cameramen dialogues may not have been that long, but they slowed down enough that it took me hours for the outside audience to see. And with that same episode, we can see that this series has a big problem with its sub-story actors who can’t communicate with them at all.

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But one of the big issues I was involved with in this episode was Ava’s sister Rasta. A sister sends her sister down the elevator only when she sees one of her sisters being bullied and possibly still being a bully in the building?

del part 4

Someone who knew about the whole story of Mehran’s disturbance to Rasta. Someone who knew the reason for the concerns of the village. They knew Mehran was in our building and scared the villagers but didn’t say anything.

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It is quite plausible that Arash did not want to hear about the Mehran issue, just as Rasta (sareh bayat) did not want Arash to know about it, but in this situation we are faced with something called danger. The danger that threatens her sister and a man, how indifferent to the complex characters and the strange expectation of the author, can be indifferent to the danger that threatens her sister.

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In the simplest possible way it would have been possible to tell his mother, brother or father that Mehran had been disturbed, that Arash knew nothing. But calmly beside Arash, and at the height of the tale of insult to the mind of the audience, where he speculated about the loss of Rasta. Is she going to surprise you and go to the ceremony herself, were you annoyed? Did you have a problem?

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By no means do I accept any of the characters in this episode unless we find out later that Ava was comfortable with her mind and knew where to go. The series not only took time out in the script of the episode, but also tried to do it well in sequence. Where Arash comes tired of looking at the building in the slowest possible way, he comes out of the five stairs, looks down the left and right of the street and goes up the five stairs again and enters the building!

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What was the meaning of using Slow Motion in this scene ??? What did he want to inspire the audience? What was the reason for using such a boring scene that you just wanted to end all the time earlier?

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Two important points in this episode were that we learned that Rosta had gone to remarriage once in the past, and that Atabak’s father Arash was about to leave Turan and that the hatred and outrage behind Aromesh’s appearance and that his wife would come. He also chose

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But the only positive thing about this episode was Cyrus Tahami. Nakisa, who works under Rosta’s father, in the first few seconds of her presence here, tells us that the one who loves Rosta is infinite.As much as anyone when talking about a restaurant can’t control themselves, it doesn’t matter if it’s a wedding night, nobody should say bad things about the restaurant. So much so that all the sadness we get from playing it well begins to dance to the cold and not talk about the party. A dance only induces sadness to the viewer, and I think with just a few minutes of being in the series it saves nothing from presenting.

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I don’t feel good about what you will see in the next episode, but hopefully I’m wrong and this series with all these stars is worth the time. So share your thoughts with us in the hope that the next episode is exactly what this actor is expecting.

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