download serial Del part 40 سریال دل قسمت چهلم

Download Serial del Part 40 سریال دل قسمت چهلم

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Del part 40


del part 40 serial, is the story of Rasta (Sara Bayat) who later meets Arash (Hamed Behdad) for a long time, a meeting that leads to Arash asking for Rasta. Ava (Yekta Nasser) tries to prevent her and Rasta from reuniting in her longing to reach Arash, but Ava wants to use Nakisa’s love for Rasta to prevent their marriage.

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Del part 40

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In del part 40, we saw that Arash finally, by chance and through his mother’s words, doubts his voice and actions.

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del part 40, He decides to treat Ava in such a way that she feels close to Arash. In this way, Arash can know the intentions of Ava and the fate of Rasta.

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The del part 40 series, But Arash is not enough just for Ava and needs Nahid, Ava’s mother. Venus also explains everything to Arash from beginning to end, and Arash realizes after a long time what has happened to his love.

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On the other hand, Rasta, by finding a picture of herself in Nakisa’s book, realizes her old love for herself and the motivation that led her to commit that crime against herself.

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The del part 40 series, The next step is for Rasta to face Nakisa and also Arash for Rasta and Nakisa. By the time the thirty-eighth episode arrives,

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there are no more secrets between the characters, and the next two episodes of the series will be the scene of the characters settling accounts. As all the knots in the story are untied and we look back,

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In del part 40, we realize the simplicity and hand of untying the knots. After spending all this time with Ava and hearing her small and big childish excuses, Arash does not doubt anything, but by hearing short sentences from his mother,

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The del part 40, he finds the clues of all the knots! Arash even touches himself. He decides to force Ava to confess by playing the role of Ava,

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,but his heart does not endure and he goes to Venus. Nahid, who has been alive and present all this time, and Arash could have spoken to her much earlier.

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del – Part 40 (Serial Irani)

the  del part 40 series,Manouchehr Hadi had previously said about the coldness of Rasta and Sara Bayat’s role that this character seems to be dead (quoted in the context) and considers his character’s inaction and indecision

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In del part 40 episode, due to the disaster that befalls him at the beginning of the story. But what about Arash? Is the characterlessness of this character also due to the failure of the love he had at the beginning of the series ?!

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del part 40 marathon is no longer the distance to the finish line. It is hoped that in the next two episodes the task of the story of the heart and its characters will be clarified and the final episode will be the most closed ending possible for a series.

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in del part 40, Because this story is long enough and an open ending for del part 40 series only makes the catastrophic case of Manouchehr Hadi directed more fruitful and has no other benefit for anyone …

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The del part 40, But within this relationship, a fire is forming that is gradually becoming apparent. But there was still room to see Atabek’s character smarter.

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The del part 40 series, Among all the reasons for not watching del part 40 series, this point in the story encourages a few people to watch the del part 40 series.

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In the del part 40 episodes,The final point is about some of the games in the series as well as the choice of actors. Mehraveh Sharifinia plays the role of a very artificial Robbie. Mehdi Koushki in the role of Mehran, could not play the role of a sick man who loves a girl well

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