Download serial Del part 5 سریال دل قسمت پنجم

Download serial Del part 5 سریال دل قسمت پنجم

Download serial del part 5

del part 5
del episode 5

Del part 5 serial Currently Manouchehr Hadi has succeeded in cinema or is unable to re-broadcast television or television, you can search through several of your prestigious magazines, visit for the first time with three sides. After all provider and investment based on opinion.

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del part 5

Del part 5 serial is limited to a special occasion and it is possible to make other matches with Manouchehr Hadi’s permanent representative formula. From the palace of Babak Kaidan, who can operate successfully in the startup, he can grant you permission and allow you to work and be allowed to do your job.

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The next point that Manouchehr Hadi has shown in recent years is to approach the red lines in order to get audiences to theaters and pocket them on the home theater network, addressing social anomalies and undoubtedly creating a dramatic influx of family and community. Examined the magnifying glass.

del ghesmat 5

danlode del ۵

In such a situation, television would probably not be a good place for Manouchehr Hadi’s swimming pool, with its media audits and contexts, and sometimes variations, although he also has experience in the cinema after a few days of screening Pull down and smuggle in the hands of others…

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One of the important factors in building a series for the home theater network is the true story and the suspensions that are not artificial (a system that some TV directors benefit from) throughout the story, and by raising repeated questions. It convinces the viewer to follow the story and the next episode.


In building a series for a home theater network, the audience needs to follow it. Introducing the characters based on the priority of the story and their place in the story and their impact on the story’s history (before the story is narrated and the future of the characters).

del part Fifth

with the viewer’s mind clinging to the individual characters and finding themselves at the heart of the story. And with the light and heavy character of the characters interested in following the story.

dell 5 | دانلود دل پنجم

Perhaps more than four main characters are introduced in the Del part 5 series and in the first part, each with distinct layers that have storylines that can be drawn to the main storyline of the series.

danlod del part 5

Perhaps with a head and neck above similar actors in the role, Hamed Behdad is experiencing one of the most varied roles in recent years in the role of Arash. Although the role does not come with the usual cinematic intricacies, it is definitely going to involve a lovely character that will also affect her family life.

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Rosta plays Sarat Bayat (an actor who has had some success with Manouchehr Hadi in recent years) involved in the most important day of his life, which is certainly one of the few highlights of Del part 5’s story. He is also a trustee of the Saeed Rad family who…

del part 5

We have not seen such roles for Bijan Omkanian and Nasrin Moghanloo for a long time. The two are in the role of Arash’s parents, with the story only partially revealed in the first episode of Del part 5.

danlod del 5 free | دل قسمت پنجم

Yekta Nasser was quickly introduced as a special single in the role of sister of Rosta, and it is not out of the question for her to have a special story in this series.

danlode serial del ( part 5 )

Said Rad and the legend of Rosta’s parents are archives, and the story of her father’s life and the murder that took place is another storyline that could have an impact on the serial charm. One has to see how much these characters can have in the future.

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Cyrus Tahami and Mehdi Koushaki are other main characters in the series whose story will be pregnant and However, if the storytelling is taken into account for so many characters, the story of this series in the home theater can keep its audience going to the end.

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