Download serial Del part 6 سریال دل قسمت ششم

Download serial Del part 6 سریال دل قسمت ششم

Download serial del part 6

del part 6
del episode 6

Del part 6 serial A bride is lost in the three floors to the groom. It is impossible to get out of the building. What a situation. We came up with the idea of ​​crime-riddled films that have nothing to do with the centimeter tone of the first episode. What is the story of the disappearance of Rasta? Is it that Mehran Kalab Kharab, who had stomped the stairs of his apartment the day before, managed to kidnap the bride?

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del part 6

Del part 6 Is it possible to do such a thing with such purity and sound? This question engages the audience in the second to fourth parts, and eventually no answer is found. It’s probably a long time before the serial is going to be answered by Babak Kaidan. While this question is a little suspenseful, what happens when the cache is overloaded and the important things around it fail to execute properly?

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This part, like the rest, has no rhythm at all. In more than half of the second part of the dialogue we hear: “Where are you?” If we want to count the number of plans that Arash and Ava have wheeled into the building and its stairs, we get dizzy. Imagine that in this sloppy situation, we are suddenly confronted with a slow-motion plan to leave Arash and Ava out of the building after their desperation to find a restaurant.

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It seems that before the plan, the filmmaker would have been informed by Caption that the heart patients who were overwhelmed would not see the scene.

All new information in this section is about Atabak (Arash’s father). After thirty years of eating with his steel wife, he finds a secret love affair and is going to make revelations.

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Atabak’s relationship with his wife’s father is a relatively good serial moment. Even feeding him so much for this groom is so full of hatred that he spills all the food on his clothes. It is unlikely that this was a random meal. In the next part, Atabek, in a dialogue that is not bad, lays out his sense of the past and present as he leaps to the old man. These are some of the few new serial situations.


We don’t get any new information from people here. While we were almost asleep as the guests of the hall, Cyrus Tahami’s presence encourages us. However, we still do not know what his place in the Rasta family is and why he is upset. So our information about him in his interest in the Resta family and his vague discomfort is summarized. Is he also the third loser? This is during this recession for girls.

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What about Turan? A selfish woman who loves her son and father and crushes her husband a lot. While Nasrin Moghanloo with her big body comes out of Atabak’s slim body.

There is not much to be said about the acting of this couple because they have no specific and pure dialogues (like the rest of the characters) and no special situation.

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You can’t expect a different game after the cast. The only major difference between these actors and their previous work is that they are walking in luxurious places.

But in general, Arash’s parenting relationship is better than Rasheh’s relationship. At the very least it doesn’t take us long to argue with each other.

In the relationship between Arash and Rasta, we are confronted with the fullness of the boy and the passivity in the full sense of the girl.

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I’m still talking about Turan. The fact that Rosta had a bad record at the time of the marriage is something that we will only notice in Part II.

Arash’s mother, however, describes Rosta as “a girl whose father becomes a murderer and a great stepmother.” If I were him, I would have declared the demise of the important wedding ceremony at the outset a reason that was not a joke, and that almost no parent would easily refuse to attend another.

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The introduction of such new sub-information into the scripts of Babak Kaidan is no wonder. Prepare yourself for anything unexpected (which can hardly be understood logically in the previous sections).

We have seen this repeatedly in the Mannequin series.

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One of the proponents of Part Three is the story of Rosta being alive, with a look behind her still wearing her bridal gown.

Others realize this on their wedding night, and their concern over the question of “where are you” is being transformed into “why are you”. Equally thankful is that Kaidan has not followed us in the first question and has taken the case to a newer level.So I’m not denying this positive thing.

del part 6

We also get some newer information through Arash’s pursuits. The same night that Rosta disappeared, Mehran the mob also closed a one-day trip.

Atabac, meanwhile, is suspected of a close relative who has ruined the wedding. This is how the script’s quasi-mysterious procedure is shaped.

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On the other hand, Ava’s reaction to Rosta’s call indicates that she is completely oblivious to this innocent sister, and this character is removed from our predictions of what is to come. She is the only caring and caring sister.

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It seems that it is not difficult to predict what will happen to the film in spite of the low ambiguities and almost obvious accusations. It does not matter whether Turan made a deal with Rasta himself or with Mehran.

No murder or rape appears to have attempted to find the first defendant and answer this question. What is important is to pay attention to the serial happenings in detail and to complicate the characters.

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So far this has not happened, and hopefully this moderately weak series will take a step forward so that at least at the level of recovery serial it can raise more serious doubts in our case than the defendants in the case.

A series that had a very bad start but with an average situation ended its first season.

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There is no local riddle of the Arabs when there is no depth in the riddle. How much does it really matter at the pivotal question of the series (where is the bride and who chooses)?

Of all the important things that can happen to a marriage in our society, the author’s most trivial issues are really chosen and we are not confronted with the terrible spiders that are happening in the discussion of youth marriage.

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