Download serial Del part 8 سریال دل قسمت هشتم

Download serial Del part 8 سریال دل قسمت هشتم

Download serial del part 8

del episode 8
del episode 8

In Del part 8 serial What we find most in this series is the constant presence of sponsors in the corner of the picture. No longer do we look at a series as if it were a bold, colorful ad that chose the best actors for its ad.he thing that stood out most was the Tooran character. The one we saw was hidden under the cover of the compassionate mother’s skin and brutalized her work. Although Atabak’s pointless silence may be worth the wait for his plans to come to fruition, it is surprising how many years he has bought this amount of lies.

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del part 8

Del part 8 Finally, Turan, who is used to throwing his cruelty at others and making a living with Atabak, has become a habit for him. Let the pessimist. So he said, under the words of your half-sister, “The one who fired you was a bastard.” He threw an arrow in the dark to achieve his goal of ruining the relationship between Eva and Rasta, though Ava is more neutral

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The more the series goes on and we find out Ava has no secrets for now, everything about this series gets scarier. Ava’s abnormal behaviors and telling the truth about Mehran’s threats after Rasta escapes cannot be justified unless the series narrates the story without any rationality.

serial del 8

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The name of Manouchehr Hadi, who suddenly appears in the middle of a movie ten minutes after the film, looks like a brand in the middle of the picture and can’t really look at this as a producer or director’s introduction, because nowhere else in the world.

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Manouchehr Hadi is becoming an advertising brand, to attract sponsors. Our groom in Germany is just remembering to call Turan’s aunt and find out about her missing bride. And most interesting of all is the girl who tells her the story.


Does that mean there was really no phone to take the girl all the way there to just ask her two questions? Which, though, is necessary for the time-consuming and “as Mr. Hadi maintains the serial drama process”.

del part eight

As usual, as I said before, all the farewells and return home to this slum machine, as it was the farewell to Mr. Groom and his slom daughter. Really the purpose and content of doing so are beyond my comprehension power

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Another interesting point was the conversation between Turan and Robbie. This series has so many flaws that I can’t get paid to play games and dialogues. The only point I want to make in this conversation is Turan’s sentence when he made the steak saying, “Daddy love steak steak.” Gives dad soup! An old man who can’t force soups loves steak! It’s juicy.

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But instead of when the steak was made, they would soup it up and say, “Dad, we’ll go out and eat the steak.” There is really nothing left to say when you see such huge mistakes in the series.

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Another important thing that somebody may not have noticed is Rabia’s razor blade. Three lines exactly on his vein that haven’t been spoken to yet. I even thought that maybe this wound was related to Mehrava himself. This scar, which wasn’t too old, can be seen when Robbie hits the old photo for a thousand times in the house, just when you want to see the photo frame in place.

danlode serial del ( part 8 )

uran’s weird words to Robbie, too, have nothing to say. “Because I haven’t experienced love in my life, I won’t let you suffer like that.” Yes, Robbie is not going to suffer this kind of punishment, but his son will be able to endure it for the rest of his life.

danlode seryale del ghesmat 8

Poor serial and nothing more to say about her. Every week we hopefully follow the series for something better, and then hopefully wait for the next episode.

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