Download serial Del part 9 سریال دل قسمت نهم

Download serial Del part 9 سریال دل قسمت نهم

Download serial del part 9

del part 9
del episode 9

In Del part 9 serial I mentioned before, Mr. Hadi has made a great revolution in the concept of drama. And they emphasize that for a two-part series I have to do a little bit of personalization, with every part we go through in the series it gets more and more in my mind.

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del part 9

I don’t care at all about why a script with a capacity of no more than 2 parts should be considered two parts at all. But I wish at least something really worked as a character in the series. We didn’t get anything from the series in this episode, except that Rosta showed interest in Cyrus and now the question of why he did so is still ambiguous.

del part 9

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At this point we could see Atabak (bizhan emkanian) anger and revolt that he could have guessed. Eventually he found the courage to stand up to Turan and his demands. But why he didn’t do all this years to save himself from hell is a question I can’t answer.

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Of course, having all of his possessions is Turan’s reason for doing so, but a lifetime of playing the negative role of a family and being a slave, it’s too late to save him.

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Going to the restaurant in Mehran’s house and insisting on Mehran and denying our restaurant, we reached the cafe sequence. Where Rasta almost responded in favor of Mehran, he said he was in a hurry to marry more than Mehran. The fact that Rosta went to Mehran to answer in the negative is Mehran’s home, in addition to being funny.


In this episode, Rosta told Atabak that I was separated from Arash for a personal decision, the more we go through the series, the more we are sure that Turan has no role in the story of the separation of Arash and Rosta, with what we see in these eight episodes. There can only be one reason for the decisions of the restaurant, and that is that the restaurant has a psychological problem.

del part nine

Why would a man have to go to a hairdresser on a wedding night and be so concerned about his ritual and love that things aren’t going well. And then, until the hairdresser’s elevator reaches the bottom, forgo a personal decision to marry?

dell 9 | دانلود دل نهم

Sure, it must have happened, but what’s going on right now is the eight parts we are rotating around without any signs! And that’s certainly a serial weakness.

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The concept of drama, as far as I’m aware, was to have these eight episodes, which were to guess the story by finding their connections. But after getting acquainted with Mr. Hadi’s new style of drama, all the equations are broken.

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The characters in these episodes not only show us a certain characterization, but they actually act as if they are suffering from intellectual failure.

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It was in this episode that the father of Rosta said that while Rosta was telling Atabak I apologized for dragging your son’s life into the sludge. Not only did Resta’s father feel ashamed, he also looked at his daughter with such pride and pleasure that any girl would want to look at him with pride one day.

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The series in this episode literally had nothing to say. We continue to see Arash’s insistence and plans to return to the fold. An archer stepping on foot and shadow to shadow in the fantasy world of love to soothe his nostalgia, but fails to speak to his love and ask for his right. The right to know the truth that there is not the least thing to look for in a restaurant that has turned the best night of his life into the most bitter night.

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We have to wait, of course not for next week, because with this serial we can’t expect to see anything new or see a secret come out. We have to wait a couple of weeks to see if there is a reasonable reason for this to happen in the story.

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