Download Serial Ham Gonah Part 10 سریال هم‌ گناه قسمت دهم

Download Serial Ham Gonah Part 10 سریال هم‌ گناه قسمت دهم

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Ham Gonah Part 10

Hamgonah part 10 serial Why did Leila really go ?? A question that has not yet been answered. The question that Fariborz repeatedly asks Peyman and he avoids. Fariborz travels to his youth by going to Leila’s fake tomb. The sweet memories of meeting Leila,

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Ham Gonah Part 10

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the memories of the days of love and youth, the days when she did not know, are the beginning of 30 years of misguidance and looking forward to her journey.

serial hamgonah part 10 for free

In Hamgonah part 10, Leila, who came out of curiosity to see Fariborz visit her grave. Hengameh Ghaziani, who is also a talented actor, played a strange role in this film. His play reminds me of multi-character humans or schizophrenics, none of whom have priority over the other

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and who seem to move randomly and one takes the reins of this body and language. A completely cathartic game that advances a strategy at every moment. I hope that Leila’s character suffers from this disease, otherwise many scenes of Leila’s presence will be meaningless.

پیشنهاد فیلم سون
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The Hamgonah part 10, teasing technique, which has become a joke in our cinema and television, in the worst possible way, can make the viewer excited and wait for the Hamgonah part 10 episode by showing a scene from the movie. Nikki’s conversation with him was honest and fake and he was a government official,

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now we don’t know whether this was the real goal of the director or not. But using this scene for what you will see in the next episode has become a meaningless repetitive move that will only lower the credibility of the Hamgonah part 10 series teasers.

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Iraj, who intends to give his house to Farhad, remembers from all over this house that he has a hard time passing through every piece of furniture in the house. Farhad, who has thrown himself into the trap and given a gift to everyone on the way to recovering happiness,

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The Hamgonah part 10, has already gone under the religion of Iraj so that he can create a good life for Hedyeh and Hamid. Gradually, we move to the criminal aspect of the Hamgonah part 10 series, both sinful and with a murder scene,

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we understand more the importance and depth of the offense in which Parviz is involved. A woman who has been fleeing from the police and Fariborz since the beginning

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of the Hamgonah part 10 series seems to be more dangerous than her own interests and is being assassinated. She also survives and escapes from the scene to go to Parviz.

Ham Gonah – Part 10 (Serial Irani)

In Hamgonah part 10, Farhad, who did his job in the end, formally concludes the gift and goes to the market with the family to buy the gift. Farhad, who has a fiancée named Lida, sees that the only way to calm his conscience is to save the gift from an unwanted marriage.

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It may not be possible to put his name from hole to hole, but Farhad’s life will not be a gift for Medina. The gift that clearly loves Farhad has entered a world that will be very difficult for a 19-year-old girl to understand. The marriage,

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, which aimed to save Hedyeh and Hamid, will soon become a mirror of the gift, and now it will become one of the crises of the Sabouri, Farhad and Hedayeh family.

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The Hamgonah part 10, The torment of Farhad’s conscience, which wraps around his neck like a rope and does not let go, even refuses to stay in a house with a gift and leaves the house unknowingly on their wedding night.

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The gift that he kisses all his appointments with Farhad and puts aside and understands only one thing, the word of his heart that he loves Farhad. Farhadi, who is not well at all and has been involved in a sin for ten years,

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the guilt of killing Hedayeh’s father! Lida arrives and Farhad’s life becomes more complicated than before. Lida, who according to Farhad knows about his guilt but does not know about his marriage with a gift.

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In Hamgonah part 10,Finally, the promised day came and Farid Kamar got married to Saman and Sima to shut everyone up. Sima’s marriage, which is trans, has become a big problem for Farid and she does not want to come to terms with the bitter truth.

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