Download Serial Ham Gonah Part 11 سریال هم‌ گناه قسمت یازدهم

Download Serial Ham Gonah Part 11 سریال هم‌ گناه قسمت یازدهم

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Ham Gonah Part 11

Hamgonah part 11 serial ,Lida, who until now was just a name, has now arrived and talks very headlong about the problem that this character is a little too good and unreal. Farhad’s fiancé, who trusts him completely, is only worried about the remnants of Farhad’s decisions,

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Ham Gonah Part 11

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whether he will achieve the desired result or not, and now, with Lida’s visit, everyone sees that the gift has a hard job to win Farhad’s heart.

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In Hamgonah part 11, Ayub, an old man who dreamed of buying a gift from Rahman, now that Hedyeh is married to Farhad, is looking for his debt to Rahman and finally finds him.

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In Hamgonah part 11, Now that the marriage vows have been broken, he wants his money immediately and threatens Rahman. Arman, who has finally reached his goal and made dinner with Ziba, after a long run and follow-up,

پیشنهاد فیلم سون
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The Hamgonah part 11, sits at a dinner table and explores Ziba at every opportunity and asks his questions one by one. At the end of the night, when he buys the beautiful cute again and brings a smile to the beautiful lips, the main angle of the presence of the Tehrani gift in this series is shown.

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The legend that Hamid brought to see his sister’s gift came to Farhad’s formal house and the gift came to understand the secret of this marriage. Now, in the raw and inexperienced world of the youth, from his own point of view,

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he consults the gift in order to win Farhad’s heart and pushes the gift in a dark and fruitless direction, which according to the sin that the gift and the legend are not aware of, Farhad never gives the gift.

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The Hamgonah part 11, He will not have a marital relationship, and this marriage will be like this forever and ever. But the gift of falling in love with Farhad and not knowing about this old sin becomes the raw material of these mythical offers.

پیشنهاد فیلم سون
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Farid, who has gone through everything and the pain of years of conflict over his daughter’s inherent difference as a trans, does everything he can to get rid of this torment of many years,

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of the Hamgonah part 11 calls Saman to the farm and offers Saman an offer that is unbelievable. She wants Saman to get pregnant so that all these stories about Sima being trans become an illusion in Sima’s mind and she has no physical problems.

Ham Gonah – Part 11 (Serial Irani)

In Hamgonah part 11, So far, Saman, who showed that he is a kind boy at the height of his misguidance and did not leave Sima alone in the moment of need, is now faced with a terrible decision!

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Now, at the insistence of Arman Tan, Saman gives in to a formal marriage so that maybe Sima will finally get out of this situation and his permission will be his own and not Farid’s, but everything has a cost.

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What will be the cost of this freedom will be known later. The great Farid of the Sabouri family, who was shown the guilt of an insensitive boulder from the beginning of the Hamgonah part 11 series,

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The Hamgonah part 11, knew from the beginning that the bottom stone is the mill, and among all the problems of the Sabouri family, he always considered the collective good and made his own decisions for everyone.

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A person who is always involved in the troubles of others and his worries for him have nothing but drunkenness and hatred of those around him.

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The person who is always involved in the decisions of others has now come to the bitter truth that no one wants him and they hide their decisions from him.

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In Hamgonah part 11, After the murder, Shahla Sheibani came to Parviz and tried to escape. The water that is over his head and uses every opportunity to threaten Parviz.

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