Download Serial Ham Gonah Part 12 سریال هم‌ گناه قسمت دوازدهم

Download Serial Ham Gonah Part 12 سریال هم‌ گناه قسمت دوازدهم

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Ham Gonah Part 12

Hamgonah part 12 serial,The sudden end of the first season and the promise of continuing the story in the next season is one of the weaknesses of Hamgonah part 12 series, which has left the viewer without even understanding the relationships and understanding the structure of the Hamgonah part 12 series.

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Ham Gonah Part 12

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Following is a short note from one of the “young” singers criticizing the Hamgonah part 12 series. “Isn’t it an insult to the audience to suddenly announce the end of the first season in the twelfth episode of the Hamgonah part 12 series, while the story has not yet started?”

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In Hamgonah part 12,In order to watch home series, the audience must either buy a subscription to Filimo and Namava or pay a DVD, and they are not in front of the TV to be careless with whatever it shows.

پیشنهاد فیلم سون
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When the audience spends, they expect the serial producers to spend on storytelling and characterization. Hamgonah part 12 does not have a suspended storytelling, nor does it have a special characterization,

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The Hamgonah part 12, full of repetitive types and situations without arguments, which parade on the nerves like national media propaganda teasers.

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Seasoning of the series has principles and rules all over the world and even in Iran. It is not possible to say the end of the first chapter without advancing the story or untying the knots or paying the right character and just getting rid of the criticism;

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A story that does not take shape like a curettage embryo, and the sloppy and bored decoupage does not gather with the claim of 98% satisfaction of the audience!

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The Hamgonah part 12, It is unlikely that even the most popular Iranian series such as “The Accused Fled” have received 98% satisfaction, but Filimo and Namava, who were themselves producers, themselves emit imaginary statistics about obtaining satisfaction,

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but the creators of Hamgonah part 12 “Praise” even if they have not seen foreign series. Who have seen! “bread. They have seen. In such series,

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of the Hamgonah part 12 series, the first season has both a correct opening and a reasonable climax and ending, but “Sinful” reaches the end of the first season without creating a relative movement in the audience’s mind.

Ham Gonah – Part 12 (Serial Irani)

In Hamgonah part 12, “Please think a little about the audience in the second season, so that the rhyme does not force you to announce the end of the second season again, without creating a dramatic rhythm in the Hamgonah part 12 series.”

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It is not yet clear who the gravedigger is and how much Parviz is stuck in this mire, or maybe Parviz himself is the gravedigger and who is the leader of the counterfeit money gang.

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Ziba and Arman are gradually coming to mutual understanding. Ziba, who has become the only safe house of Arman, and Armani, who learned that Ziba is different from other women and can not do her job by shedding her tongue,

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The Hamgonah part 12, rushes to save Ziba once again, decorates her ex-husband and receives her reward. Beautiful guest dinner! Peyman, who speaks more rudely and openly with Sarah. It further shows that he has been completely

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poisoned by his mother’s illness and unhappiness and is trying to somehow compensate for his childhood hardships in a cruel way to Sarah and the patient family. Peyman’s religious test,

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 which proves that he is really Fariborz’s son, makes his footsteps stronger and firmer. The series “Sin” has taken an acceptable

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In Hamgonah part 12, and respectable path so far in the series and has shown its different level from the other series of the home show network so far. A story that has great potential for appeal.

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