Download Serial Ham Gonah Part 13 سریال هم‌ گناه قسمت سیزدهم

Download Serial Ham Gonah Part 13 سریال هم‌ گناه قسمت سیزدهم

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Ham Gonah Part 13

Hamgonah part 13 serial has a love story and is popular with the audience in this regard. Almost all the main characters of the series are involved in an emotional story, and the fate of the end of their relationship has become very important for the audience.

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Ham Gonah Part 13

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The story of the Hamgonah part 13 series, like recent productions of the home theater medium, has not followed repetitive patterns such as luxury, the existence of a mafia power, love triangles and the like, so it is new to the viewer compared to other works. Although in Hamgonah part 13 series,

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In Hamgonah part 13, the main family whose story we are witnessing is rich, but the series does not maneuver on luxury and games, and the audience is more involved in the events of the story than it is with such attractive attractions as duplex houses, luxury cars and clothes.

پیشنهاد فیلم سون
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Uncommon stories and slow rhythm of the story are the most important flaws seen in the new home drama series and have raised the voices of the audience.

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The Hamgonah part 13, One of the important advantages of Hamgonah part 13 is the lack of stagnation of the story and the good speed of the story, which makes the audience wait to watch the continuation of the story and follow him to the story.

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Hamgonah part 13 has several characters that could have become a weakness of the story, but these characters have not been forcibly patched to the story and have a good relationship with the main story and sub-stories.

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The characters go hand in hand with the flow of the story and it can be said that they have been dealt with more or less well in every episode of the Hamgonah part 13 series.

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The Hamgonah part 13, In addition to “Farhad” ‘s relationship with the daughter of a poor family, namely “Hedieh”, another emotional relationship that has been noticed by the audience of Hamgonah part 13 series is the relationship between “Arman” and “Ziba”.

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“Arman” is a few years younger than “Ziba”, but his personality traits and independence have made him interested in “Ziba”. As we have already written in detail about this subject,

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we have seen such couples in most of the series that have just been released in home shows, but the difference between “innocent” and series such as mankan serial,

Ham Gonah – Part 13 (Serial Irani)

In Hamgonah part 13,”Dancing on Glass” and “Monster” which The marriage of a couple with a large age difference has been shown, for example, in the series “mankan” there was revenge or the character of “Mirkhan” in

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“Dance on Glass” was not a justified person who had married a young girl and in the Hamgonah part 13 series “Monster” was also a comedy, but the situation and characters of “Arman” and “Ziba” are slightly different from the previous examples and have been popular with viewers.

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Another positive feature of Hamgonah part 13 is the choice of its actors. The presence of veteran stars such as Parviz Parastavi and Hedyeh Tehrani in the Hamgonah part 13 series is attractive to the audience.

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The Hamgonah part 13, Parviz Parastavi does not have a different or complex character in Hamgonah part 13 and was expected to have a surprising presence in the Hamgonah part 13 series,

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but the character of Hedyeh Tehrani in the role of an independent, strong, logical and experienced woman has attracted a lot of attention from the audience; A character who, of course,

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has played a lot like him before. Mohsen Kiai is also one of the popular characters of the series in the role of a humorous and bold boy, for whom having more fun is more important than what happens inside the family.

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In Hamgonah part 13, This character has a similar character to “Peyman” in the “Romance” series, and it continues to reproduce this type of character in the home show.

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