Download Serial Ham Gonah Part 5 سریال هم‌ گناه قسمت پنجم

Download Serial Ham Gonah Part 5 سریال هم‌ گناه قسمت پنجم

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serial ham gonah part 5
Ham Gonah Part 5

Hamgonah part 5 serial cast also aired as Mustafa Kiaei’s first appearance on the home nefiverk, so now we have more open hands to compare the series. The interesting point of this series was the writing of Mohsen Kiai, which can be very significant.

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serial hamgonah 5

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Director of Motivational Success Films, Istanbul Crossroads, Barcodes, Ice Age and Special Line Now has chosen Home Broadcasting Media to deliver the work It’s so full of drama that we haven’t met more than half of its cast after seeing its first episode.

قسمت 6 سریال همگناه روز دوشنبه 18 فروردین منتشر می شود / The ham gonah part 6 will be released April 6

Serial Ham Gonah Part 5

serial hamgonah part 5 for free

The presence of Parviz Parastui can give us the promise of a good and strong series, and not only this, but also in the beginning part, we find out that a successful filmmaker is behind the scenes and should have high expectations.

پیشنهاد فیلم سون
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serial hamgonah ghesmat 5

Ham Gonah Part 5 Regarding the story, we can say that we are following a multifaceted story, and by the end of the first episode, it has evolved into a fast paced rhythm.

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The presence of other actors such as Hedieh Tehrani, Hengameh Ghaziani, Mehdi Pakdel and … Navid gives us a good series.

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The whole story is about a police officer named Fariborz playing Parviz Parastoye, who has been missing his wife and son for years and can’t find them, but finds them in the path of a forgery case through his brother.

hamgonahe  5 | دانلود همگناه پنج

Master Parviz Parastoei, who is most remembered for his lilies with Lily and the Glass Agency, is one of the most beloved and beloved works of the year, and once again in a feature film, he showed that he can still be a signature affirmation Be a visual content.

serial ham gonah s1e5

Ham Gonah Part 5 Parviz Parastooi first appeared on a series of home theater shows, and her presence is promising for the higher quality of the sinister series.

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After eight years of experience and the third season of Ice Heart, Hedayah Tehrani returns to her home nefiverk.

پیشنهاد فیلم سون
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Hedayeh Tehrani is one of the most popular actors in the cinema, both in the world of cinema and fantasy.

Ham Gonah – Part 5 (Serial Irani)

Ham Gonah Part 5 The well-known actress also won the Fajr Crystal Festival five times and has had a brilliant and successful presence at many other festivals and festivals and is one of the strengths of the serial.

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Hediyeh Tehrani comes to the home network after eight years of appearing in the Hamgonah Part 1 Heart with Serial Mustafa Kiai, a convicted serial.

دانلود رایگان سریال هم گناه قسمت 5

The Gift of Tehrani was the first in the year with the Hamgonah Part 1 heart-wrenching series that gifted Tehrani as a popular movie star satisfied with her role on the home theater network.

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Now, eight years later, Mustafa Kia’i’s guilt has brought the gift of service to Najwa Tehrani to witness another admirable role-playing in the heart of the serial family drama.

ham gonah۵

Ham Gonah Part 5 The Sabouri family is a large and old family that has been exporting and importing flowers and plants for many years. They continue to live together in an old house, the arrival of a young family changes the lives of the whole family.

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Other attractions in this series are the frantic youngsters who have reached the son of Parviz Parastoo, Behrouz Parastoo, and thus have their first acting experience.

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We are looking forward to the next part of the series while I am extremely optimistic about this series and hope to be with you by the end of this week.

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