Download Serial Ham Gonah Part 8 سریال هم‌ گناه قسمت هشتم

Download Serial Ham Gonah Part 8 سریال هم‌ گناه قسمت هشتم

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Serial Ham Gonah Part 8

Hamgonah part 8 serial is Mustafa Kiai’s first experience in serialization for a home show, written by Mohsen Kiai and Ali Kouchaki. Currently, seven episodes of the Hamgonah part 8 series have also entered the home theater network, and unlike other series being aired, it has a more family-friendly story and narration, and has attracted many audiences.

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Serial Ham Gonah Part 8

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After the revelation of the secret and secrecy of Hamed, Sarah’s fiancé, about his previous marriage and his child, as well as Farid’s knowledge of this incident, the patient family leaves an inflamed night behind.

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Hamgonah part 8, While the whole family gives Sarah the truth in the affair, she tries to organize her thoughts and keep going, and in the first step, spends hours with her newly found cousin, Peyman.

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In Hamgonah part 8, Regardless of the task that Farid has entrusted to him, Arman is looking for his adventure with Ziba. Arman calls and messages have caused Ziba to stop working in the company and stay away from Arman.

پیشنهاد فیلم سون
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The Hamgonah part 8, Arman goes to a beautiful house to persuade him to come to work in the company, where he accidentally gets into a fight over a beautiful boy, and this affects his beautiful work to some extent.

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Hamgonah part 8, But Farhad, in pursuit of his goal of marrying a gift, takes the amount he could not get from his brother from Arman and Amin, and with Iraj’s help, he goes to propose to the gift and gets a positive answer.

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in Hamgonah part 8, But finally Farhad’s big secret is revealed. Some time ago, Farhad accidentally gave a gift to his father and caused his death. Only Farid, Iraj and Lida (Farhad’s fiancé) know about this, and Farhad does all this to compensate for the blow he inflicted on the gift and his brother.

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There is still no news of the big changes that the Covenant will bring to the patient’s home and family. In a short conversation with her son, Leila only reminds him to know why he entered the house and not to forget the days that awaited him.

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This is the best time to do this if the pact is going to hurt the patience. Because each member of the family is in a situation that is very vulnerable. From what happened to Sarah that brought her closer to the pact,

پیشنهاد فیلم سون
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to Faridi, whose actions and morals have caused her family members to distrust her. Sin is up to the Hamgonah part 8 episode has a more acceptable quality than other series on the home show

Ham Gonah – Part 8 (Serial Irani)

network. Although the problem is low, the speed of other Iranian serials has become their main feature. The audience of the series also shows from their opinions that they will be bored to continue the Hamgonah part 8 series

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and have come to terms with the rhythm of the events and have accompanied it. It remains to be seen whether this luck will continue until later episodes and whether sin can keep its companions satisfied or not …

دانلود رایگان سریال هم گناه قسمت 8

There has also been much controversy about Gorken’s true identity, and the ambiguity of his identity has been debated by many audiences. One user wrote:

svdhg il’khi 8

“What an end! You mean, like, the status quo didn’t matter to Sarah? “What happened to Parviz being a gravedigger?”

ham gonah ۸

Another user criticized the series for being short: “You finished it too soon! “One or two other episodes should have continued.

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” Another user wrote: “Wasn’t it a pity this series had such a bad ending? “What happened to Sarah and the gravedigger?” But a user wrote: “It ended very well and realistically.

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This part seems to me to be a low score because, it didn’t involve me so much and it had nothing to say. I hope this series doesn’t disappoint us.

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