Download Serial Ham Gonah Part 9 سریال هم‌ گناه قسمت نهم

Download Serial Ham Gonah Part 9 سریال هم‌ گناه قسمت نهم

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Serial Ham Gonah Part 9

Hamgonah part 9 serial  Fariborz, who is in charge of this role, has not passed Leila after 30 years, and with the sudden return of Peyman, everything is reminded by him more intensely and boldly. Now, how his wife Nasrin has coped with the grief of this behavior and not having children during these years may be the perfect subject for a complete tragedy Hamgonah part 9 series.

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Ham Gonah Part 9

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Now, Fariborz has turned his back on some of his appointments with Nasrin after 28 years, with the return of his son, and has almost given up having children by a rented womb.

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Hamgonah part 9,Lida, Farhad’s fiancée, who apparently knows about Farhad’s past but does not know about his current plans, is still in Germany and has become a concern for Farhad. . Farhad finally met all the members of the Sabouri family and arranged the money he needed to get the gift and satisfy his uncle,

پیشنهاد فیلم سون
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by Amin and Arman, the two young sons of the Sabouri family. Arman, who as Farid’s spy, performs this task in the worst possible way and reminds Farhad of this at all times.

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There is a father-brotherly relationship between Iraj and Farhad, which makes him the most trustworthy of Farhad, and only Iraj knows Farhad’s life. Iraj, who is still unannounced because of his divorce from Farideh, is very kind and kind, and despite all his opposition to Farhad, he does not stop supporting her.

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Hamed Bastani, Sarah’s daughter-in-law, Farid, whose life story and that of her little girl were finally recorded for Sarah, also has a great sin called lying. The claim made by Sarah, and whether it is true or false,

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is not clear to us that if Hamed had told her all the truth from the beginning, Sarah would have agreed to this marriage or not, but at least now the position of power in this debate is completely Sarah’s side.

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In Hamgonah part 9, Peyman, who spent last night at Fariborz’s house, went with Sarah and went home under the pretext of changing clothes and met with Leila. A scene that is very vague. Sentence by sentence,

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The Hamgonah part 9, Sarah and Covenant switch roles between ordinary human beings and sick avengers, and speak of a purpose that has no human flavor at all. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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It may be a simple reclaim of the Saburi family’s inheritance; Perhaps a darker and more complex program. A happy presence sentence, a faster exit sentence from Fariborz House. Hamed,

Ham Gonah – Part 9 (Serial Irani)

who has made a futile and unsuccessful attempt to win Sarah’s heart. An endeavor that has only one purpose is its interest in Sarah, not any logic or strategy for it. Hamgonah part 9 Sin ends with a bomb. The story of the murder of the gifted father and his killer! Farhad!

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In Hamgonah part 9 episode, Peyman takes his father to Leila’s grave. A fake grave for which Parviz is ready to die. Fariborz is still trying to get closer to the pact and understand the secret of Leila’s sudden departure.

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He says that one day he returned home from a mission and was confronted with the vacancy of his wife and son, after which he searched everywhere for them.

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in Hamgonah part 9, But Peyman does not trust her father’s words, just as Leila, although she is emotional when she sees Fariborz, is still sad and resentful of him for a long time.

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The Hamgonah part 9, Farhad, with the help of Iraj, prepares to marry Hedyeh and soon brings him to Iraj’s house. The story of Saman’s courtship with Sima is becoming more serious than before. Farid takes the issue seriously and asks Saman to propose to Sima.

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Sima and Arman also satisfy Saman with the idea that Farid does not like Saman and the matter is resolved. But Farid is one step ahead of them all. Without informing others, he also announces a marriage and they get married in the blink of an eye.

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Sima is determined to change her gender and faces a tough obstacle from her father, Farid. Faridi, who, like his own father, adheres to their traditional and family principles and rules, and attaches special importance to the reputation of Saburi. Although he has hurt them by interfering in the lives of both of his daughters, he still does not deviate from his principles.

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