download serial kargadan part 1 سریال کرگدن قسمت اول

download serial kargadan part 1 سریال کرگدن قسمت اول

danlod serial kargadan part 1

serial kargadan part 1

Kargadan part 1 is Kiarash Asadizadeh’s latest serial , which is currently being produced for network broadcasting. The director has previously made the aunt’s aunt hassle through the show’s network, and has directed Gauss and Gap together. The author of this series is Mehrdad Kuroshnia and Ali Asghari.

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kargadan part 1

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Kargadan part 1 is in the social and action genre and can be presented by Sadegh Yazi. Kiarash Asadizadeh directing the island to the series, saw the presence of a neat filmmaker and arranger.

download kargadan part 1

Mohammad Amin, Sara Bahrami, Majid Aghakarimi, Sattar Pesiani, Pantea Panahi, Sharareh Dolatabadi, Pouria Rahimi Sam, Mustafa Zamani, Hoda Zeinabedin, Kazem Sayahi, Banipal Shomoun, Nader Fallah, Masoumeh Ghasemi Pour, Elham Korda The cast of this new series are.

kargadan part 1

This series has an interesting story: 5 young boys are challenged by a Kargadan part 1 because of their skills and this is the beginning of a friendship between these few young men. But the Kargadan part 1 Challenge is designed by a big, powerful mafia and creates unpredictable adventures for these young people.

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kargadan ghesmat 1

The exact time has not yet been set for broadcast. The series will probably air in the early fall and enter the home theater network. The project is co-hosted by Mehdi Yari and distributed by Parsian Media Institute.

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Broadcasting of the series is expected to begin in the fall and Sepide Abdul Wahab has begun editing “Rhino” at the same time as production.The project is co-sponsored by Mehdi Yari and “Kargadan” will be distributed by Parsian Media Services .

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