download serial kargadan part 11 سریال کرگدن قسمت یازدهم

download serial kargadan part 11 سریال کرگدن قسمت یازدهم

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serial kargadan part 11
kargadan episode 11

kargadan part 11 serial The Hippo series tries to have subtleties for each of its characters in order to avoid both its uniformity and narrative complexity as it travels past and present. Although the serial in some sub-episodes provides a relatively good suspense to the audience, there is a larger disadvantage that has not yet been resolved; a disadvantage that causes the audience to lose some desire to see the series continue.

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Part six begins with a great deal of overwhelming emotion that in the performance cannot make the audience feel like it is largely artificial.

It is a good idea that the screenwriter wants to bring Kiana and Afshin’s relationship to a higher level, but it is definitely not a good idea to have Afshin’s character face a contradiction.
kargadan part 11

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It is true that even negative characters can have traces of benevolence and humanity, but usually this humanity is intertwined with personal, family and work interests.

Afshin used to go on to become a significant negative or anti-hero character in the previous episodes.

پیشنهاد فیلم سون
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but the clear-cut dialogues about being rejected by humans and on the other hand his unexpected and strange charitable work (precisely when Kiana witnesses this) Sixth, it becomes more of a contradictory character rather than a multifaceted one.

serial kargadan episode 11

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The audience says to itself, “Wow! I went back to the past. ” The flashback could have been easily understood by the audience with good dialogue.

Tara’s story is about Daniel’s past, and Kazi’s idea of what Daniel alone can do.

So why does the screenwriter avoid dialogues that could make this connection between the present and the past? It can be said that, after sentimentalism, the lack of decisive dialogues has also hit the spot.

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(Spoil Danger Begins) Daniel is irrationally dependent on Tara while Tara is just a horse, even though she was raised with Daniel since childhood.

It can be sad because of the illness of such a horse, but that horse is causing Daniel’s entire sporting life to go to waste.


Half of the sixth part is spent grieving Daniel for the horse and therefore losing its effect. On the other hand, Tara’s story has no visual contradictions.

It was better for Daniel to ask his horse to resist, and he would do his best in the race to eventually create a beautiful contrast between Daniel’s victory and the horse’s death.

پیشنهاد فیلم سون
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But instead of the usual scriptwriter, he chooses compassionate sentimentalism (Spoil’s End of Danger).

danlod kargadan episode 11

It could be said that if Daniel and his friends did not end up in the Mafia Village until the sixth episode ended, the audience would not have the slightest desire to see the seventh episode, provided the audience could see the sixth episode to the end.

kargadan 11 | دانلود کرگدن یازدهم

Here is a little bit of a story about Gisu that can be said to have worked well and to some degree reveal what caused Gisu and her mother’s hostility and where it began.

As unbelievable as Daniel’s story seems, Gisso’s story is even curious, telling another aspect of his character.

kargadan episode 11

There is no specific plot about the village of Mafia either. (Spoil Danger Begins) Gisu looks around in an obvious way. Afshin, who has already seen the faces of Danielle and Gisu in the Hippo Challenge, easily discovers their plot.

Raha, who is completely abandoned in these two parts, goes to the restroom but has no specific plans, not even the extra desire to find her lover.

Afshin is taken out of the village by Daniel in front of all the guards and bodyguards. Afshin gives Leah very precise location (end of Spoil Danger).

پیشنهاد فیلم سون
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kargadan part 11

That’s all the plot and plot that the screenwriter used for such an adventure. When Afshin apparently collaborates with Kazi and his friends, do not any comrades ask themselves why Afshin would have to replace one of his partners?

They don’t even understand why a wealthy mafia should humiliate himself for 65 million dollars.

Other than that Afshin has a plan in mind? Is it that Afshin came out of the village with his own feet?

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Raha tells her friends about Afshin: “This guy is dangerous … up to your daughter’s car” and at the same time they are so confident in Afshin that they do.

How could this clever Kazai and his friends be so dumb?

On the other hand, if Daniel and his friends had not plotted to enter the village, Afshin would have had no plan for them.

So how do these friends suddenly become so important that they are forced to make a business trip to Afshin?

danlode seryale kargadan ghesmat 11

Logic dictated that Afshin ignore himself and say that he does not know Navid (Mostafa Zamani) or that Navid has naruto you and the Mafia has no role in this.

پیشنهاد فیلم سون
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In the seventh episode, Kiana does not think about the humanity and fate of the five people and is completely the master of slaves. It doesn’t even ask the extra question – a complete function.

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Episode Eight Although it has some good use of the camera in some parts – both in the flash of Casey and in the villa entry scene – and partially removes the burden from the screenplay, but because it is naturally built on part seven errors, The result is a deep well that is no longer easy to get out of.

kargadan part Eleventh

The team of friends are going exactly where Afshin has decided, without thinking. It’s just in the heart of the dark forest that they become a little hesitant, but not too suspicious.

It goes without saying that the interesting point in the eighth part of the series is about a character named Jaber, a stubborn, real-estate character consultant who, while some characters are long gone, made little sense to the audience.

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