download serial kargadan part 12 سریال کرگدن قسمت دوازدهم

download serial kargadan part 12 سریال کرگدن قسمت دوازدهم

danlod serial kargadan part 12

serial kargadan part 12
kargadan episode 12

kargadan part 12 serial Well, at the beginning of this review I would like to mention some details that may not seem so important, but they are actually one of the most important elements in building a successful series. This week, with the release of a new episode of Hippo’s series, the cover design for this series caught my attention.

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Because it was exactly the duplicate version of the cover of “El Camino Breaking Bad” and not only in the series, but in the movies, and even in abundance, we can see it in the cover.

kargadan part 12

Downnload kargadan Serial part 12

And there are two things about them, first, how much creative graphic designers don’t have to work in this large volume of audience, and how much of a risk such a risk would be for a buyer to realize that copy with such a large volume. Nothing, and worst of all, to be in contrast to the heavily acclaimed “El Camino Breaking Bad” movie.

پیشنهاد فیلم سون
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But my point in saying all of these introductions was to say the trivial details that make a successful TV series and how good it is not to be a great artist, but what we’re saying is signing up and training to get better.

Downnload kargadan Serial part 12

Because with these duplicates we are just pushing in place and making no progress.

danlod kargadan episode 12

Let’s go back to the serial story. Here we go into the life of Kazi. Someone whose sudden convulsions, and perhaps jokes about it all.

danlode kargadan ۱۲

at least had in my mind the impression that he had the saddest story and had, but not that much effect.

kargadan 12 | دانلود کرگدن دوازدهم

The story of Kazi’s life was a family they didn’t support, and the story of many of our young people who know that art is useless for their families, and in the midst of an angelic patriarch who wants Kazi to achieve his goal.

kargadan episode 12

But Kazi loses his only life-supporter in drug trafficking and seems to be just beginning to realize that the project he embarked on is apparently promoting energy products, but in the midst of lazy pills and illegal drugs.

پیشنهاد فیلم سون
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kargadan part 12

We had a chase here. The red car chase of the kids and the motor that was supposed to propel them to the cousin and the reality is that the chase seemed very funny to me.

danlod kargadan 12 free | کرگدن قسمت دوازدهم

Because a red car could not digest the two-hour route behind being an engine, and we can only convince ourselves that the person who was chasing it was a little too distracted and that all this was a plan. Was there to get these four people there.

danlode seryale kargadan ghesmat 12

We as well as the person who is the pursuer and in the midst of this dangerous event must also think of pursuing the red car and keeping a distance. Raha (Sara Bahrami) is still suspicious, but what seems to be a frightening loss of Kazi and Gisu seems to be unprepared.

download kargadan episode 12 | سریال کرگدن قسمت ۱۲

This was part of the story that didn’t cover the odd thing and tried to be more fun. From inserting a real estate personality and relying on his delicious words, to the scene of Kazi singing and saying “Does anyone want a cool mom” we can understand the effort to make this episode fun.

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kargadan part Twelfth

But what we have found is that where the four of them are heading quickly to where Afshin is planning and waiting for them, and what is going to happen and Afshin’s goal is what they have to wait for.

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