download serial kargadan part 13 سریال کرگدن قسمت سیزدهم

download serial kargadan part 13 سریال کرگدن قسمت سیزدهم

danlod serial kargadan part 13

serial kargadan part 13
kargadan episode 13

kargadan part 13 serial The fake tale of promising Vanouche to pay Nazanin’s debts, and the contradiction of his words when he said that he had nothing to do with Vanouche, reassured the children that there was a lot behind the scenes to find out.

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kargadan 13

In this episode, we see the chaos that will surely come to an end, and soon he will be lifted from his shoulder, relieved of the torment of knowing his facts and hiding from his friend.But the interesting thing here is that there is a strange intimacy between Mark and Venus.

serial kargadan episode 13

Downnload kargadan Serial part 13

And if you remember the early episodes of the series, someplace Afshin threatens Mark and damages his face. This means we have a timeline of the future that we are either going to get with the serial process or come back to make the story more complicated.

kargadan 13

But about the character of Simin Karami, whom we know as Kiana. I don’t know for sure who and what the target was and what the purpose was. The important thing is that we now know that the lawyer for the story, Sasan Dadfar, was in fact the husband of Vanoucheh and was a body that had been buried in the grave instead of by the promise.

پیشنهاد فیلم سون
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The charm of this flashback series is a thing of the past, where we can see the answers, but we didn’t see it. This is where Daniel, when he first saw Kiana (elham korda), said I was very familiar with her. And well, this goes back to the past that we saw here.

danlod kargadan episode 13

Or the night of the birthday we had just seen before there was talk between Mark and Kiana that night, but what that was was just something we found out, because the series decided to try a new story. Tell us.

danlode kargadan ۱۳

This series may not be so popular due to its script, and unlike other series, it may not be popular, but for those whose quality and boldness are important to them, it is certainly a very popular series. Is it good.

kargadan 13 | دانلود کرگدن سیزدهم

But there was no such thing about Navid’s character and his plans, so the episode began with a narrative ending so we knew Kiana’s character well. Get ready for the Promise Plans and anticipate Kiana’s possible revenge on Venus and Adam.

kargadan episode 13

In these two parts we see more of the love story of Daniel and Nazanin. The narrative that makes us realize now that this love story was more serious than that. Finally, Daniel’s birthday was a great serial moment to watch.

پیشنهاد فیلم سون
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kargadan part 13

But besides these cool moments, there were many secrets to be found here. When Soheil found out that Lou’s warehouse was gone and was vacant, she listened to Gisu’s head and blushed, and it was interesting that Cyrus was killed.

danlod kargadan 13 free | کرگدن قسمت سیزدهم

Cyrus loves Gisu and if we didn’t feel this love as a love during this series, we would now be sure that Cyrus loves Gisu and all his worries. The more interesting thing about Kazad’s father is that everything is under his head.

danlode seryale kargadan ghesmat 13

The death of his uncle Kazi, a story involving children, and even plots. In fact, the main character behind these adventures is Cádiz’s father, and this is a great shock for him.

kargadan part Thirteenth

I enjoyed playing a song by Kazi Kandah and I am happy to see that a serial in the middle of his music video has taken the initiative to do something that is not only time consuming, but also part of a truly fascinating and fascinating process.

download kargadan episode 13 | سریال کرگدن قسمت ۱۳

In fact, not only was Pouria Rahimi Sam singing, but her acting in this sequence was full of anger and anger towards her father. And overall, Pouria Rahimi Sam portrayed one of the brightest games in the series, a reminder of Mehdi Koushki’s game from the heart-to-heart series, not to mention the very same episode of Hippo, which was brilliant.

پیشنهاد فیلم سون
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