download serial kargadan part 3 سریال کرگدن قسمت سوم

download serial kargadan part 3 سریال کرگدن قسمت سوم

danlod serial kargadan part 3

serial kargadan part 3

kargadan part 3 serial we find another part of the jumbled puzzle. In kargadan part 3 series we go back to the beginning of the story. Where these five people had no knowledge of each other, to the day of their acquaintance.

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kargadan 3

The interesting thing about that day was that we realized that Navid had been a contributor to the challenge from the beginning. Of course, the series proves that the promising acquaintance returns to the team even before the interview day.

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But whether Naveed and the group had the intention of raising money from the beginning, or whether Nadeed would challenge the end of the decision are two assumptions we face.

kargadan 3

If the goal was just to play for a few people and raise money for Navid and the group, the question would be why the team should have such a challenge to read that they would have to make such money and eventually make that money. Promises the body.

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Because what we found out from the day and the conditions of the challenge, the only price the group had to pay for the challenge was to pay for their promotional videos. So there is no reason to use them, and I cannot, of course, have such a reason.

danlod kargadan episode 3

On the other hand, if Navid at the end of the job decided to make money and run and run away from the challenge at first, then why the organizers were challenged, what was the reason for insisting on keeping this group together and thousands of other questions? That comes up.

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The other interesting thing is why no one doubted. When Raha came into the house and told her that she would not accept her father, if her father was not at home, when she gave up her phone and wiped the film, no one doubted her.

kargadan episode 3

Everybody is going to have a good life, if that was the most important thing that at least could have come as a surprise to their seemingly clever group.

kargadan part 3

For the time being there is not much to say to all of these questions just hoping that we will not get an answer that ignores these obvious points, wish it all worked out.

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Because usually our bitter experience in Iranian films and serials has always been a handful of answers that we had to accept, even when we forget all the clues of the story.

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The characterization of Korda’s inspiration in Kiana’s role played an important part in kargadan part 3. The serial portrayal of a courageous and confident girl and a long time devoted to characterizing Kiana reveals that Kiana plays a key role in this story.

kargadan part Three

Another important point was the promise of emancipation, but in this scene emancipated, we realize that emancipated life is not the happiness we see, and there are hidden secrets that we do not know exist and have to wait for them to understand.

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The important point, however, is the mystery of the characters that is so fascinating. That there is always something to say. Where we thought we knew Raha to a great extent, she turned her eyes to the camera and said there were things you didn’t know about. Or so, Pouria Rahimi Sam, in the role of Kazi who I think has been extremely successful in this series, certainly has a lot to say behind the mask of laughter and joy.

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