download serial mankan all part دانلود سریال مانکن

download serial mankan all part دانلود سریال مانکن

Download Mankan Serial

serial mankan
serial jadid mankan

Mankan is a serial directed by Hossein Soheilizadeh and produced by Iraj Mohammadi, a Year 2 product on the home theater network. This series is written in two parts by Babak Kaidan.The previous name of the series was “Long Shadows” , which in turn had many ambiguities, so it was changed to Mankan.

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After Hayoula , salhaye door az khaneh , Recovery , the Mankan is a social melodrama that sums up the story of always having great and beautiful love, great and dreadful enemies. The Mankan series deals with the economic inequality of different classes of society and the comparison of the able-bodied to the low-income. As Kaveh and his peers have started a romantic relationship, however, social and economic problems are causing challenges along the way .

Mankan Cast :

cast Role
Mohmmadreza forootan Akhgar
Merila Zarei katayoon
Amirhossein Arman Kaveh
Nazanin Bayati Hamta
Farzad Farzin Mohsen
Hossein Pakdel Khashayar
Linda kiani Maryam
Shabnam Gholikhani Afson
Elham Pavenezhad Farkhunda
Siyavash Kheirabi
Nafise Roshan

danlod Mankan all part

Mankan series Hossein Soheilizadeh is the latest series to be shown on the home network, in which the names of the actors in the series are shown. If you are looking for a Mankan serial broadcast date and want to know when the Mankan serial will be broadcast then this is the site of the Symantec Mankan broadcasting site.

download serial mankan
سریال مانکن

Download Mankan all part

The Mankan series is very high-profile and full of movie stars. Here are the names of the cast of the Mankan Home Theater Network: Mohammad Reza Forutan, Marila Zarei, Nazanin Bayati, Amir Hossein Arman, Farzad Farzin, Linda Kiani, Hossein Pakdel, Elham Paveh Nejad, Arefeh Memarian, Reza Tavakoli, Behshad Sharifian, Pante AKK Ghobadi, Rabia Madani, Behzad Khalaj, Behzad Mohseni, Maedeh Mohammadi and Mohammad Sadeghi are all in front of the camera and recently reportedly played by Zimbabwean actor Samatak Nazanin Bayati. Mankan reunited with Hussein Soheilizadeh. Scheduled by the director of the Mankan Serial Broadcast Time of the 98th Summer Home Show Network.

Download Mankan Serial

The Mankan serial broadcast time should be set by the director and manager of the home show network, but it is likely that the date of the Mankan serial broadcast is from early July 98, but the exact time of the Mankan serial broadcast has not yet been determined. The Mankan Home Theater Series Produced by Iraj Mohammadi is a 26-part series written by Babak Kaidan.

Mankan Tv serial | سریال جدید مانکن

The story of the Mankan series is romantic, which is why the history of the Mankan serial distribution has become so important in the cities. The series is also expected to be a high-profile, high-profile drama with a love interest and distance.

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