Download Serial moochin Part 1 سریال موچین قسمت اول

Download Serial moochin Part 1 سریال موچین قسمت اول

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moochin Part 1

moochin part 1 serial, Ghobad is a loving and blind person who has closed his eyes to all the issues around him and does not know what is going on around him or what plans Shapur Behboodi has for him.

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moochin Part 1

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Of course, it seems that the author himself has forgotten the character of Shapur, otherwise why should a strong character have such a decline at once.

serial moochin part 1 for free

moochin part 1, Now the only thing that can be imagined for Shapur is that at the end of the story, he is arrested by the agents or killed in the middle. He comes from time to time and says a little dialogue and leaves.

serial moochin ghesmat 1

The moochin part 1 series, This character murder also applies to Farhad. The whole issue that is very important for him is his escape from prison, which was well explained the process of his escape.

seryal moochin part 1

But it is not understandable that they insist so much not to use him. At first, he was in prison, but now, with a stab wound, they want to show him lethargic and injured in these moochin part 1.

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Download Serial Moochin سریال موچین

serial jadid moochin episode 1

The moochin part 1 series, This is also one of the additional parts of the moochin part 1 series. Isn’t it time to speed up the events of the story and maintain its fast and unpredictable rhythm in these last episodes,

moochine  1 | دانلود موچین یک

like the previous two or three episodes? Isn’t it time to use the game capacity of all the characters? Or the whole story is going to be summarized in the last part and we will see a crowded and messy ending.

serial moochin s1e1

In moochin part 1, Of course, we hope that this will not happen because we believe that moochin part 1 series is a head and neck higher than the series we have seen so far,

serial moochin ghesmat 1

The moochin part 1, and as it has appeared strong in most parts, it will also have a good ending for moochin part 1 series. Fortunately, the upcoming episode seems to be fast-paced and full of exciting events.

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It remains to be seen whether the audience will eventually see action sequences in the remaining four episodes, or whether such moments will be reduced to just one episode,

moochin – Part 1 (Serial Irani)

the  moochin part 1 series, and future episodes will again be plagued by imbalances. Anyway, Shahrzad is the main character of this story, and what initially made this narrative

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In moochin part 1 episode, attractive was the romantic relationship between Shahrzad and Farhad, and later Shahrzad and Ghobad. It is clear that with the course of events, no matter how much Ghobad tries to get everything back to normal,

دانلود رایگان سریال موچین قسمت 1

he will not succeed, but it is important for the viewer to see the relationships of the main characters and the fate of this romantic relationship is more important to him than anything.

svdhg l,]dk 1

in moochin part 1, The character of Captain Parviz and the plan he has for Farhad, form the main line of narration of the last part of moochin part 1. As we saw in the second season,

moochin ۱

The moochin part 1, the action and fight scenes are not a strong and reliable point for moochin part 1, and in the same part, in the scenes that we witness Farhad’s rescue operation, the narrative falls considerably.

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The moochin part 1 series, Captain Parviz is still an unsolved mystery that now has the most power. Capt. Parviz has plans and plans for Farhad to escape from prison, with intentions that are not yet clear to us,

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In the moochin part 1 episodes, and their relationship with Akram and his child and the insane family has not been clarified. However, the news of Farhad’s injury and his escape reaches Shahrzad,

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