Download Serial moochin Part 14 سریال موچین قسمت چهاردهم

Download Serial moochin Part 14 سریال موچین قسمت چهاردهم

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moochin Part 14

moochin part 14 serial, With the official announcement that moochin part 14 series will end its work in the third season with sixteen episodes, the excitement and curiosity about the end of the story and finally the characters of moochin part 14 series has increased; The wait will not last another month until mid-June.

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moochin Part 14

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That is why in the moochin part 14 series we see the fast rhythm of events and more narration. In this part, new knots are introduced and even new characters are added to the story whose fate is tied to the main characters.

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moochin part 14, Although in this part we witnessed non-dramatic sequences such as the communication between moochin part 14 and Batool Khanum or the verbal war between Farhad and moochin mother over moochin part 14, but in general,

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The moochin part 14 series, the narration of moochin part 14 in this part is more dramatic and narrative like the previous part. It has the end of the story.

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seryal moochin part 14

Contrary to expectations, the moochin part 14 does not deal much with this fundamental change for the main character when moochin part 14 enters the bureaucratic mansion, and except for a few scenes in which moochin expresses his dissatisfaction with the current situation,

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The moochin part 14 series,the relations of the residents of this mansion are not the main issue. Ghobad’s expression of love for Shahrzad no longer has the romantic and affectionate character of the first chapter,

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,because Ghobad has lost the innocence he had at the beginning of the story, and now, instead of being a puppet, he is completely in the hands of the great man. Anyway,

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In moochin part 14, moochin is the main character of this story, and what initially made this narrative attractive was the romantic relationship between moochin and Farhad, and later Shahrzad and Ghobad.

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The moochin part 14, It is clear that with the course of events, no matter how much Ghobad tries to get everything back to normal, he will not succeed, but it is important for

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the viewer to see the relationships of the main characters and the fate of this romantic relationship is more important to him than anything. The character of Captain Parviz and the plan he has for Farhad, form the main line of narration of the last part of moochin part 14.

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moochin – Part 14 (Serial Irani)

the moochin part 14 series, As we saw in the second season, the action and fight scenes are not a strong and reliable point for moochin part 14, and in the same part, in the scenes that we witness Farhad’s rescue operation, the narrative falls considerably.

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In moochin part 14 episode, Captain Parviz is still an unsolved mystery that now has the most power. Capt. Parviz, with the design and execution of Farhad’s escape from prison, has goals in mind that are not yet clear to us,

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and their relationship with Akram and his child and the insane family has not been clarified. However, the news of Farhad’s injury and his escape reaches Shahrzad, and Shahrzad will certainly take action to do something that could be a turning point in future episodes.

svdhg l,]dk 14

in moochin part 14, Saber and Shirin, on the other hand, want to enter into negotiations with the captain by stealing Akram’s son, unaware that this character is not only unreliable, that all the clues and events reach him,

moochin ۱۴

The moochin part 14, and that any deal they make with him will not be in their favor. At the same time, Shirin is getting closer and closer to the character we know, and as a result, Shirin and Saber are in a critical situation.

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The moochin part 14 series,In the meantime, nothing is captured from the recovery plans, nor is Ghobad’s position portrayed as the great bureaucratic dynasty. With a few brief appearances, Nusrat also plays only a minor role in advancing the narrative,

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In the moochin part 14 episodes, and the character who is considered a key character at the beginning of the second season is now marginalized. In a narrative where all the characters have their own specific motives and intentions and whose relationships and destinies are strongly influenced by each other,

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