Download Serial moochin Part 2 سریال موچین قسمت دوم

Download Serial moochin Part 2 سریال موچین قسمت دوم

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moochin Part 2

moochin part 2 serial, We are at your service by reviewing the moochin part 2 of the third season of the moochin series. A relatively quiet part where, except for one or two cases, nothing special was observed.

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moochin Part 2

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According to the information we have about the third season of the moochin part 2 series, it is likely that this season will end in 16 episodes. Although the official source has not yet confirmed or denied this issue.

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moochin part 2, If we consider this number correctly, the question arises as to how the producers of the series want to shape their ending in the remaining 5 episodes.

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The moochin part 2 series, Why do we see so many passive sequences in the 11th episode of moochin part 2 series? Sequences that are completely extra and especially in this part, have greatly reduced the speed of the moochin part 2 series.

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The ending that keeps the audience happy and we do not see the bad experience of other series in moochin part 2 series. But we start the eleventh part from the place where Shirin and Saber are arguing with Akram’s child.

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The moochin part 2 series, This is one of the areas that has received a lot of attention. If we look at the role of these two in the text of the series from the beginning of the third season, we will not reach anything special except a few cases,

moochine  2 | دانلود موچین دو

if a significant percentage of the series’ popularity in season one was due to Perinaz Izdiar’s good and strong acting, which unfortunately All in all,

serial moochin s1e2

In moochin part 2, almost no trace of all the charm and toughness that was present in this character can be seen except in the cases where he gets involved with Saber.

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The moochin part 2, It is enough for the viewer to know that these two have kidnapped the child and how it was stolen. The rest of the details are additions that have no place in this section.

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Going through this section, Akram’s reaction to the child is also strange. As far as the part that is related to motherhood is concerned, we have nothing to do with it,

moochin – Part 2 (Serial Irani)

the  moochin part 2 series, but the fact that Akram goes crazy and mixes up the account does not fit with the background that we have seen from him in the story. But every time Captain Aproiz is at the center of the moochin part 2 series,

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In moochin part 2 episode, everything gets right, in fact, the viewer turns all his attention to the details of his movements. Capt. A. Parviz goes to the house of the bureaucrats looking for a thread,

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and it is interesting that the author does not even try to add a little excitement and conflict in this part, and confronts Ghobad. Certainly, facing Sarvan and Ghobad could have been a better alternative for the extra parts of moochin part 2.

svdhg l,]dk 2

in moochin part 2, Of course, we have no doubt in the serial’s ability to make a popular character. But as much as they are capable in this field, they also have a special skill in killing and destroying the character.

moochin ۲

The moochin part 2, In the case of Captain Aproiz, everything is correct and the text defined for Amir Jafari is so strong that he has played this role so delicately that there is nothing left to say.

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The moochin part 2 series, The same is true of Shahrzad. Regarding Shahrzad’s character, we no longer see that always lively lady, and in fact, we see her adherence to the same words that she said when she went to the tomb of the great

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In the moochin part 2 episodes, man and said that Shahrzad no longer exists. She is now a mother who sees her future lost and just wants to spend time with her child. The dialogues exchanged between Shahrzad and Ghobad are also strong.

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