Download Serial moochin Part 4 سریال موچین قسمت چهارم

Download Serial moochin Part 4 سریال موچین قسمت چهارم

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moochin Part 4

moochin part 4 serial, While we thought that with the airing of the moochin part 4 series, we have reached the middle of the new season of moochin series, the creators announced that the second season will be shorter than the first season and 15 episodes.

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moochin Part 4

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This is both good and bad news. Good because with fewer episodes the storyline will accelerate and additional sequences will be less, which results in an increase in important and vital events of the moochin part 4 series.

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moochin part 4,On the other hand, due to the reduction of the moochin part 4 of the second season, we may face a concise ending, which leads to the disappointment of the audience.

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The moochin part 4 series, Also, characters whose potential has not yet been used have only four episodes to show their abilities, which is not enough. Despite all this, the latest episode of moochin part 4 series

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still suffers from the same major problem that is seen in most episodes; Few important but impressive sequences, but surprising and exciting, along with extra and ineffective parts that have become too long.

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The moochin part 4 series, Unlike many episodic productions in Iran, moochin part 4 is a collection of gray characters who perform various actions according to the situation in which they are placed.

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This feature has been with the moochin part 4 series from the beginning and still exists as an important element in it. Akram can be considered the most gray character.

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In moochin part 4, Exactly at the moment when all the preparations are made for his negativity, a corner of his motives is revealed that quickly shatters the audience’s imagination.

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The moochin part 4, In the first season, Akram was able to save his family from the sinister fate that awaited them by serving the bureaucratic family.

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What can be deduced from Akram’s actions and behaviors during the 10 episodes of the second season is his personal motivations and gaining power to change his position.

moochin – Part 4 (Serial Irani)

the  moochin part 4 series, Akram was able to successfully separate the causes of the separation of Ghobad and Shirin and remove one of the biggest obstacles in his imagination.

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In moochin part 4 episode, He also helped Ghobad fulfill the condition of working with Shapur. Since the goal justifies the means and the noble goal is to help his family, such actions are justifiable according to his intention.

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One of the problems of the first parts of the second season was not paying attention to moochin part 4 character and not paying him properly. Fortunately, this problem lasted only a few episodes,

svdhg l,]dk 4

in moochin part 4, , and finally we were able to see traces of the same moochin part 4. Undoubtedly, one of his best scenes was announcing his decision to the elders of the bureaucratic family and giving his reasons.

moochin ۴

The moochin part 4, But Shahrzad in the eleventh episode is different than ever. In a sequence in which Farhad talks about his decision to publish a nightmare to confront the bureaucratic family,

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The moochin part 4 series,especially Ghobad, Shahrzad tries to prevent him from doing so. Here we encounter Shahrzadi who is cautious, does not make decisions in the moment and thinks about the impact of his actions on the lives of others,

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In the moochin part 4 episodes,and in fact has become a barrier against Farhad’s pen. This contradiction of his personality is due to Ghobad’s power and his decisive role in the future of himself and his family, which is quite reasonable.

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