Download Serial moochin Part 5 سریال موچین قسمت پنجم

Download Serial moochin Part 5 سریال موچین قسمت پنجم

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moochin Part 5

moochin part 5 serial ,The fifth episode of the series moochin part 5, written and directed by Hossein Tabrizi and produced by Meysam Ahangari, entered the home theater network on Wednesday, August 29, 2016.

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The story of the moochin part 5 series is based on the clichés we have seen in some of the TV comedy series. Mr. “Goli” (played by Hamid Lolaei) is a serious and strict father who has two single daughters named “Sima” (Asha Mehrabi) and “Mina” (Zahra Jahromi).

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moochin part 5, Sima intends to marry the boy she is interested in, Farzad, played by Ali Sadeghi, but her father opposes the marriage and believes that her older sister Mina should marry first.

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The moochin part 5 series, the story is mostly about the adventures of Mr. Goli with Farzad and his brother Farzin (Amir Nouri) and the irrational misunderstandings that have created various events in the story.

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Two naive daughters who are not yet married, the strict father whose future son-in-law is accountable to him, and “Farzad” and “Farzin” who have appeared in the form of Pat and Matt,

پیشنهاد فیلم سون
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The moochin part 5 series are some of the recurring clichés of the series that are past. In the last three episodes, the series moochin part 5 has tried to be a comedy and make the audience laugh, using a number of advanced comedic situations and a lot of verbal jokes, but to a large extent,

moochine  5 | دانلود موچین پنج

it can be said that it has not been successful in this endeavor. The poor story and comedy of Kamjan in this series could not satisfy the audience and the series has not been seen much.

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In mochin part 5, A serious, frustrated and low-spirited girl that no one dared to approach and be interested in,the two sisters”s conversations about marriage, expressing the interests of a story-loving couple,

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The moochin part 5, joking about things like not finding a husband, Farzad’s naive attempts to satisfy “Sima”‘s father are very repetitive and clichéd subjects that have turned moochin part 5 into a weak comedy series.

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The cast of the series mochin part 5 uses figures who have usually acted in TV comedy series and have a good history in the field of comedy. Marjaneh Golchin,

moochin – Part 5 (Serial Irani)

the  moochin part 5 series, Hamid Lolaei and Ali Sadeghi are the actors of this series who have been seen together before in the comedy series “Khoshneshineha” and “Nokht Sar Khat” directed by Saeed Agakhani and have been welcomed by the audience in these works,

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In moochin part 5 episode, but using this The repetitive composition in the series moochin part 5 has not answered. Asha Mehrabi, Amir Nouri and Abbas Jamshidifar are other actors who have played roles in this series. Hamid Lolaei has played a relatively different role in this collection than in his other works,

دانلود رایگان سریال موچین قسمت 5

and in the role of a serious and bad-tempered man, he has appeared well with traditional thoughts. Marjaneh Golchin, who played the role of “Rana” in Mr. Goli’s old love in the mochin part 5 series,

svdhg l,]dk 5

in moochin part 5, completely repeated herself and again appeared in the role of the same nervous woman with the same special tone that she used to express her feelings when talking about her face. Uses exaggerated.

moochin ۵

The moochin part 5, Asha Mehrabi, who is rarely seen in comics, was not an inappropriate choice for the role of “Sima”, and the role of Zahra Jahromi, who is a new face, was also acceptable in mochin part 5 series.

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The moochin part 5 series Although the production license of the series moochin part 5 has been issued by the Radio and Television, but the jokes of the series are outside the framework of television, and moochin part 5 is not similar to the comedy series of television in this respect.

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In the moochin part 5 episodes Like many comedies, moochin part 5 series has chosen the simplest path to make the audience laugh and get their attention, and has resorted to ambiguous jokes, prisms or ambiguous words

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