Download Serial moochin Part 9 سریال موچین قسمت نهم

Download Serial moochin Part 9 سریال موچین قسمت نهم

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 moochin Part 9

moochin part 9 serial  is the first series to be aired on the Home Theater Network, which has received its production license not from the non-cinematic production license council at the Ministry of Guidance, but from the subsidiaries of the Radio and Television.

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moochin Part 9

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According to Hamshahri Online, quoting Mehr, the series moochin part 9 directed by Hossein Tabrizi, three episodes of which have been distributed on the home theater network so far,

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moochin part 9, is the first series to get its production license instead of the council, contrary to the usual routine of other series on the home theater network. He has received a license to produce non-cinematic works in the Cinema Organization from the Radio.

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The moochin part 9 series, which started its release from “Rubika” system as one of the applications with a contract with the Radio and Television Organization, received its initial license from the Deputy of Cyberspace of the Radio and Television Organization with the aim of airing it in IPTVs,

پیشنهاد فیلم سون
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seryal moochin part 9

as well as negotiations with Satra Comprehensive audio and video regulations) has been another newsworthy subsidiary of the Radio and Television Organization in recent months.

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The moochin part 9 series received its screening license from the Ministry of Guidance after completing the production process for distribution on the home theater network.

moochine  9 | دانلود موچین نه

The controversy over the change in the licensing process for home series first surfaced in the media about a month ago when Bahman Habashi, director general of the Film Organization’s Office of Film Production Supervision,

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In moochin part 9, announced that the film organization was due to the high number of licenses issued and the problem of burning series. It will not issue a new license for home series until further notice.

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The moochin part 9, At the same time, however, the media linked the original news to another incident, which was speculation about a change in the processes related to the monitoring of the home theater network from the Ministry of Guidance to the Radio and Television.

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Speculations that during this month caused a lot of reactions from the media and even some film industries. In  moochin part 9,

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moochin – Part 9 (Serial Irani)

the  moochin part 9 series, has now become the first executive example in the field of delegating the responsibility of issuing production licenses by the Radio and Television Organization to a home series.

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In moochin part 9 episode, is directed by Hossein Tabrizi, who has produced more than 20 telefilms in his television career, and has also directed series such as the melodramas “Punishment” and “Breakthrough”,

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and the latest of which is the comedy series “Hamsarai”. His recent series moochin part 9 also has a humorous atmosphere.

svdhg l,]dk 9

in moochin part 9, The structure of this series is very similar to TV comedies, and incidentally, the same cast is used in it. The only difference is that a little bit of games and even make-up for the home theater medium is more exaggerated.

moochin ۹

The moochin part 9, Hamid Lolaei, Ali Sadeghi, Amir Nouri, Abbas Jamshidifar, Pouria Poursorkh, Rabieh Oskooi, Marjaneh Golchin and Mehran Rajabi are among the actors in this series.

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The moochin part 9 series begins with Marjaneh Golchin and Shohreh Lorestani, and after that, the camera enters the story of Hamid Lolaei’s family. He is a businessman and has two daughters who are not married yet. The role of one of the girls is played by Asha Mehrabi, whom Ali Sadeghi wants.

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In the moochin part 9 episodes that have been released, the series has not provided any other details other than the romantic adventures of Hamid Lolaei’s two daughters in the language of humor and seemingly comedic situations that perhaps the audience has seen more in the series of the 80’s.

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