Download serial Paytakht 6 part 4 پایتخت فصل ششم قسمت چهارم

Download serial Paytakht 6 part 4 پایتخت فصل ششم قسمت چهارم

danlode paytakhte 6 episode 4

serial Paytakht 6 part 4

Paytakht 6 part 4 After years of absence from the Nowruz TV series, Capital 5 came back on the air. A series that has attracted audiences among a handful of national media television programs. Perhaps one of the reasons for the popularity of the capital is to pursue a wholly local life, without luxury, close to the middle class of society and to the audience’s sympathy.

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تماشای آنلاین سریال پایتخت 6 قسمت 4


لینک های دانلود و تماشای آنلاین برای کاربران ایرانی نیم بها می باشد

paytakht 6 part 5

قسمت 5 پایتخت 6 سه شنبه 5 فروردین منتشر می شود / The Paytakht 6 part 5 will be released March 24

Previous episodes such as the presidential and city council elections and the endorsement of this series by the Ninth and Tenth Government have been criticized, and now the “Capital 5”, despite the supreme leader’s insistence on supporting domestic production and national film capital, has tried to Introducing Turkey as a tourism country.

danlode paytakht part 4 season 6 (e4s6) | سریال پایتخت فصل ششم 6 قسمت چهارم 4

There is a preoccupation with childhood within Iranian families, such as a child who gives news to a woman’s brother-in-law fighting at home to watch the same child stand between mother-in-law talk and fear of the spread of Aristotle’s and Nagy’s new lawsuit. Anniversary Mosque Improved and Widespread Release by Iranians Who Don’t Care About Their Prestige!

پیشنهاد فیلم سون
Download serial Paytakht 6 part 6 پایتخت فصل ششم قسمت ششم

download new paytakht part 4 | پایتخت 6 قسمت 4

Duplicate Iranians and hypocrites and bread at the rate of the day! Like Mercy and Aristotle’s mother, who carry the worst insults on Nagy and her family in the car behind the phone, and when they realize they’ve all heard it, they can easily change their speech!

serial irani paytakht 6

Angry Iranians like Nagi and Aristotle, whose whole beats hit the nerve of human beings, to the mercy of not having a car, hang up the phone, to the barber who creates controversy for nothing. Nagi’s selfishness in shooting at traffic lights is a symbol of our Iranian selfishness!

paytakht season 6 part 4 | پایتخت فصل ششم قسمت چهارم

Lying, as always, is the main tool of serial people, a liar! From a mother who invests money secretly to a child who goes back to smoking, to a phoney who has not yet gone into the mosque while reading the phoney three times, to a family who lie in public to see guests!

Paytakht six part four

What Iranians lied! Aristotle, who was not given a wife, now has a harem and And his colleagues are all addicted! And one of them! What lovely Iranians!

paytakht season 6

Serial humans are a handful of fools! From a toddler to an old man to be watched over! The most ignorant person, by the way, is the whole intellect of this society, an ordinary prankster! Who really is a human being in this society? There is really no rational human being in Ali Abad and, in a broader sense, no rational human being in Iran.

پیشنهاد فیلم سون
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payetakht part 4 season 6 | سریال پایتخت 6 قسمت چهارم

In the first part of the series until Aristotle’s car crashes into the river, an adaptation is put in place. Dispute and say in-car mages with the sound of a cow! Playing ten times the sound of cowardly words and the nonsense of a non-occupant car makes an ugly sense. We live in a handful of cows! And to the international viewer it is borne out that the Iranians are a cow!

paytakht episode 4 season 6 | فصل 6 سریال پایتخت قسمت 4

This ambiguity is also seen in the sponsored section of the series, and the dedication of the serial space and its two characters to the promotion of an app, despite the legal prohibition of broadcasting, adds another layer to the contradictions. Software that has not released details and details of its trustees and is nowadays traced to other networks.

danlode paytakht ghesmate 4 fasle 6 | دانلود سریال پایتخت ۶ قسمت ۴

One criterion for buying a series or movie from any country is the success rate or high sales of that work in the country of origin. By this definition, as the most-watched series in the history of Iranian cinema, the capital of the capital has the ability to sell and screen in other countries.

پیشنهاد فیلم سون
Download serial Paytakht 6 part 8 پایتخت فصل ششم قسمت هشتم

paytakht 6 part 4

Another strength of the “capital” is the use of the Mazandarani dialect or, as the locals say, “Mazeni”. The use of this dialect and numerous jokes not only did not have a negative reaction from the Mazandarans, but was also somehow familiar to other local dialects in the country.

Download paytakht 6 part 4 | سریال پایتخت قسمت چهارم بخش شش

The Iranian actress, without a veil, resides in the role of an Armenian woman who was removed from the title after criticism.

paytakht ۶ part ۴

Negin Mirzaei, the actress of the “Capital 4” series, who is or is a GEM employee living in Antalya, has opened up to the series while the TV executives still react strongly to the broadcast of the movie and their elimination policy. The moviegoers are not gone.

Payetakht 6 4

In addition, criticism of the issue of early marriage for girls in “Capital 4” as one of the most common social harms in some parts of Iran has remained unanswered by the creators of the series, which cannot be easily overcome by negative public opinion.

paytakht 6 e4

Bonnie Film writes in an analysis on her site: Balloon Ride Plans The characters in this series, as if recorded in Noshahr, have ended up in Turkey and its tourist attractions!

پیشنهاد فیلم سون
Download serial Paytakht 6 part 13 پایتخت فصل ششم قسمت سیزدهم

serial paytakht 6 part 4

In Chapter Five, it is a bit out of the question to link a city-dwelling family to ISIL and the Syria-Iraq war, and perhaps if the art-media organization at the cinema now has “peak time” with the same theme, We will see why ISIL has taken root in an Iranian series.

danlode paytakht season 6 part 4

The hands-on and enthusiastic dedication of the series to tourist images of the city of Edna has practically made it a lucrative publicist for Turkey in recent episodes.

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The margins of this series were not lacking in the fifth part. However, as people support a series, there is no reason to use the space created in such a way as to raise awareness of abuse .But what does the foreign viewer find out about Iran and Iran after watching only the first two episodes of this series?

paytakht 6 episode 4

A country that already has the most tourists from Iran, according to statistics from the Turkish Ministry of Tourism. But what is a little annoying is the connection of this series to the political, military and …

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