Download serial Paytakht 6 part 9 پایتخت فصل ششم قسمت نهم

Download serial Paytakht 6 part 9 پایتخت فصل ششم قسمت نهم

danlode paytakhte 6 episode 9

Paytakht 6 part 9

Paytakht 6 part 9, IranArt, neither related to the institution that invests in the series, nor affiliated with the serial agents, only finds itself obliged to defend the artistic dignity of any work of art and not to interfere with various political considerations.

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تماشای آنلاین سریال پایتخت 6 قسمت 9


لینک های دانلود و تماشای آنلاین برای کاربران ایرانی نیم بها می باشد

paytakht 6 part 10

قسمت 10 پایتخت 6 یکشنبه 10 فروردین منتشر می شود / The Paytakht 6 part 10 will be released March 29

That is why criticisms like “Why Shajarian’s voice is not broadcast but Ibrahim Tatlises” do not solve any problem and remain in the limelight. Wouldn’t it be better to wish that the voice of the masters was broadcast in Tutorials rather than the latter?

danlode paytakht part 9 season 6 (e9s6) | سریال پایتخت فصل ششم 6 قسمت نهم 9

Another criticism that came to light in the coming episodes was the issue of child marriage. As it aired tonight, April 11, Sara and Nika’s mother and father finally showed their open opposition to their fourteen-year-old daughters so that critics of the series could be mistaken.

پیشنهاد فیلم سون
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So far, the story of Capitol and their critics can be said to benefit Naqi and his family.We have already covered the news about the criticism of this TV series in Iran Art. Here’s a chronological report for all of these criticisms and tips:

serial irani paytakht 6

The next margin was created in the 8 part of the series. Where the name of the author of this collection, Amir Hossein Qasemi, was deleted.

paytakht season 6 part 9 | پایتخت فصل ششم قسمت نهم

Responding to this, Amir Hossein Ghasemi wrote on his Instagram page: “Remove my name from the title !!! For the sake of expediency I will only remain silent until the end of the Paytakht 6 part 9’s broadcast. “

Paytakht six part nine

Later, Elham Ghafouri, wife of Sirus Moghaddam, the director of the Paytakht 6 part 9’s serial, commented on the removal of the author’s name from the title: “Given that the fixed serial writing team was working with other groups, Mr. Qasemi only wrote the first three episodes of the series.

payetakht part 9 season 6 | سریال پایتخت 6 قسمت نهم

Mohsen Tanabandeh’s wish was added to the group of writers as a contribution, and with the presence of Khashayar Alvand and the addition of them, we practically ended our collaboration with this young friend.

پیشنهاد فیلم سون
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paytakht episode 9 season 6 | فصل 6 سریال پایتخت قسمت 9

“However, writing this series requires a high concentration and speed of action, and Khashayar Alvand wanted to pursue work alone because of his concentration, and this was accompanied by the favorable opinion of Mohsen Tunabandi, until Mr. Qasemi from the Writers Group,” said Ghafouri. And of course everything was done in harmony and in writing. “

danlode paytakht ghesmate 9 fasle 6 | دانلود سریال پایتخت ۶ قسمت ۹

The most notable incident that has been the subject of controversy among some sociologists and jurists has been Sarah and Nika’s marriage controversy, two teenage characters in the series.

paytakht 6 part 9

Reactions to the wedding of Sarah and Nika, two of the cast of children in the Paytakht 6 part 9, began the same day that the series aired on Nowruz this year. Child rights activists now believe that the wave created by television to promote child marriage cannot be silenced and that media officials must be held accountable.

play online paytakht 6 part 9

This is all while Sarah and Nika are being asked by one of the sweet, not-so-justified (mercy) personalities for her two brothers (Rahman and Rahim), and it was clear from the parents of the two teenagers The blockage will be the one that happened tonight on April 11th.

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Download paytakht 6 part 9 | سریال پایتخت قسمت نهم بخش شش

The episode aired last night, April 10, saw actress Negin Mirzaei casting a spate of controversy in cyberspace.

paytakht ۶ part ۹

According to the Cinema Television Channel, Negin Mirzaei, an actor who worked for the Jam Network, was no longer in the air during the replay of the series that aired today.

Payetakht 6 9

In episode 10 of the series “Paytakht 6 part 9“, after Naqi (played by Mohsen Tonabandeh) and his entourage were wandering the streets of Turkey due to the loss of their money, he was once a regular opponent of Naqi.

paytakht 6 e9

Invited him to his hotel, recreation center and restaurant.At the lunch table, a woman (played by Negin Mirzaei), who introduced herself to Armenian-raised Armenians, took over the role of translator Shakur (Turkish wrestler) and Naghi and her entourage.

serial paytakht 6 part 9

The actor’s presence in cyberspace and sites has been controversial since last night.The wave of criticism of the Paytakht 6 part 9 complex is not limited to reformist sites, and now sites such as Tabnak are also criticizing the peak-backed collection.

paytakht 6 episode 9

If reformists criticize their own viewpoints and issues such as serial marriage, the fundamentalists have criticized the issue of slogan of the year and support for domestic tourism. Here are some excerpts from Tabnak’s detailed and critical note.

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