download serial recovery (rikaveri) دانلود ریکاوری

download serial recovery (rikaveri) دانلود ریکاوری

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At the beginning of the recovery serial , the main characters of the Recovery Serial story are trying to escape the mundane events of life. An effort to get a break and restore energy to their souls. So the three main characters of the story decide to go on a fun trip. But the events behind this decision are very adventurous and exciting. Shabnam Gholi Khani and Negar Abedi also have a lot to contribute to this story.

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Shabnam Gholi Khani , Pourya Pour sorkh , Majid Vashghani These days, Recovery Serial has made its home theater network to watch among the enthusiasts in Zhangji, where vacancy was lower after the Glass Dance Series, the noisy Recovery Series. Launched with lesser-known actors but seeking credit, as if it could be a start again for Pouria Pur sorkh, who has long since departed from the field, merely playing her role in the Ricavery Seryal and And, of course, Majid Vashghani, who has a history of appearing in social and event serials. DIAMOND Red Pour in the turbulent plays a role in the serial recovery.

download serial recovery all episode

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You can get this interesting and full of big and small series online, every week there is a part of this series available, users can get full HD, HD, LQ quality. The director of the Recovery Serial has previously screened The Misty Movie, which is a social melodrama and a product of Iran. Playing the roles of popular TV, movie and home theater actors can be guaranteed. Pouria Pur Red, this time using her long experience in cinema and television. What happened with Mohammad Hossein Latifi made him shine and now he can make good use of his power like a third day movie in this regard, and we will see a drama film on the national home theater network.

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Actors in the film include: Shabnam Gholikhani Pouria Pour Red Majid Vashqani The Rolling Power of Maryam Masoumi Negar Abdi Mahsa Kamyabi Shiva Taheri Elham Shaabani as well as Serial Recovery Song by Meysam Ebrahimi and Puzzle Band

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Serial Recovery

The story begins where the three old friends who are involved in their daily lives suddenly decide to travel. Perhaps because Babak is the most successful person among these friends in business, the first choice is to consult with him. These days, when newspapers and magazines are growing yellow or important, the editors of these publications have special personal lives in this series.

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These kinds of lives are possible in every job, but the characters of the recovery serial story are increasingly pushing for events and dealing with specific problems. But recovery means returning, which is why the journey of these three will be a decision to return. But is the world and destiny supposed to be kind to them? Perhaps one of the main reasons for the popularity of the series is the use of action-adventure and adventure genre quiz techniques. A trick that has previously been popularized and used well in a romantic TV series, it has become a way for a series to grow.

Role actor
Babak Pouria Poursorkh
Masoud Hooman Barghnavard
Soheil Majid Vasheghani
Negar Shabnam Gholikhani
Sara Negar Abedi
Bita mahsa kamyabi
Tanaz maryam masoumi
Keramat Abbas Jamshidi Far
Shahraz Ezzatollah Mehravaran
Sima Tirandaz
Sheida shiva taheri
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