Danlod serial hayola part 11

Danlod hayola part 11

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Danlod serial hayola part 11

In the review of hayola part 11 the episode of the previous Hayoula part 11 , we said that Houshang Sharath seems to be too late and stuttering, but he finally stepped in to become a hayoola part 11 and probably will not face his inner struggles in the second half of the series about his honor, Confirmed this claim.
Part IX starts with the purchase of the TV by Houshang and the envy of the magistrate. This time, our chemistry teacher, without worrying and conscientious concern with the money that he does not know for what activity he has received and that he does not understand its own, and we also buy a big and hardcore TV that even challenges the owner of his home. pulls!

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After a couple of episodes (after a journey, after buying a car in the fourth part), we’ll go back to the north again, but this time the family of honor is not going to be caught in the traffic; but in the ninth place, they are not made to the villa, and they say, We hear from the guard that I personally did not understand why I was trying to scare this family. The little girl in the next round of fires poses another repetitive saying, but as her mother says, she changes her audience from her grandfather to her father and tries to play with Hushang a little bit conscientiously

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But do not forget that the issue of the lights was the main prerequisite of Kamrou, and as a result, both Shohreh and Hooshang tried to deal with everything in the face of the marathon and his inquiries into the financial affairs of the family of honor, and did not let him realize the windfall through activities New Hooshang..
But as mentioned above, Farhad Aslani does not seem to affect these words, and he is based on his decision to lose his honor.

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On the way back from the north, there is a sequence of people gathering and protesting about forestry and destroying environmental resources by individuals and institutions that are allowed and unauthorized. Here too, the writer’s team intends to challenge the dignity of the main character of the story, but Hooshang Is he lying to himself or he is still thinking that he is doing the right thing and not building a villa in that forestry area!
Next we come to the new CEO’s introduction to employees of the company supporting forests and Houshang’s facial expressions for the interesting speech. The company has only two employees, like Shohreh and Hooshang, we’re shocked, and it’s better to realize that all these adventures are just a dirty game to seduce our former noble teacher into the dirty stuff of the board members of the KhAF Institute.

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In the next turn to the parking lot of the forest protection company, which in this section again depicts the difference between the look and the floor of honor and Kamran, but it did not take much time, and a few minutes later, in the “What you will see in the future,” we see that the high chassis Riding an invoice to Houshang and his family.Repeating and concentrating too much on closed and semi-closed scenes in the monstrous series sometimes shakes our nerves, but I think it’s worse because of sequences related to the feminine series of stories that have been roughly the same structure in Mehran Modri’s works since the last two decades. !

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That is, there are several women gathered together, some of whom have an odd plan for one or more characters, and through dialogues that are being exchanged, they are very slowly reaching out to the audience how they are trying to deceive those characters, that is, This episode was brought to the fore.

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During a ceremonial feast of allegedly fabricated coffee, the spouses of the members of the board of directors of the Khaf and Shohra Institute gathered together to talk about the bright and good future of the honorable family, and, by stimulating the celebrity, Hushang Sharft was persuaded to take over as the managing director of the company supporting the forests of Baqi Which, with the depth of the stupidity that we saw from the character, came to our senses.

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I talked about the stupidity of the prominent personality; it is good to flee to extreme and unacceptable behavior of dew in the ninth chapter. During the preceding sections, we have always witnessed his self-defeat against wealth and power, but in these fifty minutes, the troublemaker builders exacerbated these features of his personality that were weird and, to a point, turned him into a foolish man more than what we had seen, who could not It’s funny too.

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