Danlode Salhaye door az khane part 10

danlod salhaye door az khane part 10

salhaye door az khane 10

Danlode Salhaye door az khane part 10

salhaye door az khaneh part 10 was a plan of a sequence in which I joked with some of the singers who sing instead of poetry (which are many of my friends and, of course, with a capacity and with an aspect that will certainly not upset their laughter), but The comments and suggestions of friends in the guidance of this sequence have been removed with many other plans and plans, which you have seen and seen in the movies and series you have seen so many times. Of course, the references and opinions of the great ones are still respectful to us.

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خرید قسمت دهم سال های دور از خانه


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But the question is, with these plans, have the families been destroyed? Did you lose your faith and beliefs? Do not you go to hell on the road? Are you addicted to embezzlement? ….
Do you have moments and seconds of smiling on your leotard?
(Still, if unimaginable zooming and misplaced editing and dialogues are re-taken and nonsense, I’m guilty of compulsion for a humble servant and my dear colleagues are innocent)

Salhaye door az khaneh episdoe 10

پیشنهاد فیلم سون
Danlode Salhaye door az khane part 1

In the process of development of the home screen, the development of comedies was stopped, and the melodrama, as well as the Iranian cinema, was expanding vastly in the home screen. Except for collections such as “Hayola part 10” that can be categorized as exceptions, the home screen network was filled over a period of centuries of romantic and social melodrama that placed their comparative advantage on TV over the social red line, and in most of them the issue of betrayal And romantic relationships were outstanding.

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Serials such as Forbidden, Romance, Dance on Glass and … are part of the recent melodrama on the home screen, featured during comedy stagnation, but failed to gain popularity among audiences. Also, some collections did not have a connection with this space, and before their arrival, their defeat was definitive. Collections like Salhaye door az khane ghesmat 10 that came with the prolongation of sequences to the home screen or “summon”, which did not take into account the tastes of the Iranian audience.

salhaye door az khaneh part 10

But in the end, once again, the home screening network has faced a new wave of comedy series, and these days the Salhaye door az khaneh part 10 , directed by Majid Salehi, who is actually the spin off of the “Shahoosh 2” showbiz show, has been featured on the home screen. The episode First, the audience has hoped for a good comedy.

پیشنهاد فیلم سون
Danlode Salhaye door az khane part 7

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On days when some home screenings such as “Nahange Abi” and “Hayola” failed to meet the expectations of cinema stars, the comedy series “years away from home” in the distribution of the first part has been welcomed by a relative audience, It is accompanied by a healthy satire from the vulgarity that unfortunately has infiltrated some of Iran’s cinematic comedies today.

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