Danlode Salhaye door az khane part 12

danlod salhaye door az khane part 12

salhaye door az khaneh 12

Salhaye door az khane part 12

salhaye door az khane 12 serial more than a comedy, was a set of narrators who, even at the middle of the narrative and to the many characters of the guest, could also take a social look to his taste. The “Lover King” talked about women’s problems and addictions from romance, and tried to maintain the fragility and comedy of his work. The presence of Davood Mirbagheri as the director of “Shah Ashegh”, a point that improves not only the structure and style of the collection but also the forgiveness of the story with social subjects.

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Majid Salehi, who had previously directed several television productions and almost all of them happily met, Salhaye door az khaneh 12, with a commitment to the two actors of the Qalangi and Venus who have been the most comic book of the narrative in Shah Ashkh, The front of the camera is slave. Salhaye door az khane part 12 is simple and romantic, its compositions are not sexual comedies or cyberspace jokes, but rather the characters and situations in which they are placed.

Salhaye door az khaneh part 12

salhaye door az khaneh part 12

serial Salhaye door az khaneh part 12 in its first five parts, has shown that it is a lightweight comedy, does not try to do social criticism, but goes on to pass through its tune to marriage and misconceptions about it. Salhaye door az khane ghesmat 12 introducing several new characters alongside Kennedy and Venus, tries to emphasize where it can differentiate from the “King of Ears,” but at the same time as its independence from the original collection. It seems like Salhaye door az khane 12 that he can communicate well with the viewer and entertain him and certainly this is the main goal of a comedy series

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The audience of the Salhaye door az khane episode 12 series, the characters of Kirjeri and Venus are seen this time in different platforms. Khanjiri and Zahra, who have been created at Shah Esha, a police station in comedy comedy, have been living in everyday life for Salhaye door az khane part 12 and this is the most important challenge of the collection so that the characters retain their character in a different position. Put up

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Danlode Salhaye door az khane part 12Salhaye door az khaneh part 12 but, the space is different. This time, Majid Salehi is in the position of director and here instead of showing the significant differences this spinaf is in relation to the whole principle.It narrates a different and humorous story about the days after Khanjari’s military service and Zohreh which happens 1512 days after the events of Shahgosh. Solat, who is looking for the dog’s owner and sleeping in the streets, is close to an unexpected event which changes his life.

salhaye door az khaneh part 12

The actor first appeared in Iranian cinema for the first time in the movie “Bread, Love, and Engine 1000”, and then in the films “The Klimima”, “The Truth Lost”, “About Elly …”, “Hut” and “Tramps” and theaters Like “Everything about Mr. F”, “Fans”, “Bitty Coffee”, “Smiley” Salhaye dor az khane part 12 And … for playing the role. He has also been recording and directing the “Oedipus Afghani” in his work of art. Ahmad Mehranfar has played in several television series, including the capital’s serial

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