Danlode Salhaye door az khane part 15

danlod salhaye door az khane part 15

salhaye door az khaneh 15 (FINAL)

Salhaye door az khane part 15

Perhaps until the day that the media spin-offed “Spin Off” Salhaye door az khaneh part 15 , the general public of cinema and television did not know the meaning of “spin-off” except for the so-called sting. So this combination was used separately from its semantic charge.

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Some kind of class and pride – as I heard in my earliest days advising the other to watch the series, because this is the Spinoff series! This means clever use of audience ignorance – which has a long history in this setting – that sleeping behind the mindset of the audience that everything has a name and a badge is good and classy, ​​and if you don’t see it, you’re a backward person!

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Danlode Salhaye door az khane part 15

Spin-off, derivative or side-serial refers to works whose narrative is based on the story or concept of another work. In simpler language: a serial is made with dozens of characters and dozens of adventures and spaces. Now if you take one of the characters in another serial and tell the story of it, it’s Spinoff.

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The best example for spin-offs is the Better Call Saul spin-off, which its creators have called the spin-off series “Bad Breaking.”

In Iranian examples, as Majid Salehi and his comrades have maneuvered on this subject, the first and only Spin-off has been made so far,  Salhaye door az khaneh 15 based on the narrative of a lively serial focusing on the two dagger and venom characters in which the serial They played a minor role, made. In Salhaye door az khane 15 we watch the stories of the two after the end of their military service in the Nation’s penitentiary.

In addition to the bad Berking case, we have seen successful spin-offs so far. For example, the minions’ 3D movie Spin-off is my disgusting film, or the old-time series: The New World can be called the derivative of the old-time series.

Perhaps the first time the word spin-off was seriously heard, it was because of the Arrow series that Flash was spin-off based on a character named Barry Ellen, a young and intelligent scientist who had hit lightning in the original series.

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Marvel television series like Daredevil or Jessica Jones are also some sort of spin-off of the Marvel movie world. “The Living Dead” or “Walking Dead”, “Joy” and “Angel” are other successful spin-offs in recent salhaye dor az khaneh 15 that Iranian audiences are familiar with.Despite the fact that Spinoff does not show the quality that it can be used for advertising (except for those based on a well-known and highly successful serial or movie), “Spin Off salhaye door az khaneh last episode is not even a good spin-off.

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For a few small reasons: First, spin-offs are usually based on highly successful works and sub-personalities, but Shahrukh, who was based many salhaye door az khaneh 15 , was not only successful, but not a high salesman and a small percentage of his potential audience. To the end. This means that the creators’ initial choice was salhaye door az khaneh part 15 , making it impossible to benefit from the popularity of the original series.

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But more importantly,salhaye door az khaneh part 15 do not qualify for the same quality of a serial. The serial distance from the landmark to the sky is sky-high, and this is the longest hurdle for a mass audience.

salhaye door az khaneh part 15

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In fact, Majid Salehi, who had previously made three-in-four and reconciliers on the Wave and the Rock series, made a step back in his first series on the home theater network, causing a backlash from many of his audiences.

Maybe that’s why I’m on my site. Oh you. January. Only 5 people have rated this series, and the average score is around 3 out of 5, and this is also because of the frequent and frequent comments in cyberspace, such as these: The name of the witch begins, then it turns out to be Salhaye door az khaneh 15 away from home.

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Danlod serial Salhaye door az khaneh

danlode salhaye door az khane part 15

Incredible and really kitty. You are not a director, Majid Salehi, do you have to make a series? Anyone playing it for five Salhaye door az khaneh last part , is directing Balade? “, Or:” What did the creators think ?! It’s a pity. One was when Oshin’s serial name was “and this one:” How long is Iranian cinema going to deliver audacious content, poor play, and meaningless output? This is by far the most deplorable series. Poor and rude storytelling and the use of ethnic and urban jokes have been obsolete for Salhaye door az khaneh 15  ”

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We all know that copyright is one of the most disorganized issues in this system, but when it comes to spin-off, the least expectation is that the writers have made the necessary adjustments with the original serial writers – though it’s a joke if we think we should have the natural right. They have also financed them.

But the point is that the witches were not even aware of the serial story, as the freelance writer Azadeh Mohseni says, “Not only have we not written this series and our group, but even as far as I know, even permission from the group. We haven’t been taken. We are still far from the lively atmosphere of today, but it is a boast that the leak of Salhaye door az khaneh the not-so-professional brains of those days, the work of professional lovers in this time, is a boon! “

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