salhaye door az khane part 8

danlod salhaye door az khane part 8

salhaye door az khane 8,  Shahgooshe 2 part 8

salhaye door az khane part 8

serial salhaye door az khaneh focuses on the two dagger and Venus characters who were present in the shahgoosh 2 part 8. The serial narrates the adventures of the two after the end of the soldiery in the police station of 100 nations and …On the days when some of the home screenings such as “Nahange Abi” and “raghs rooye shishe” failed to meet the expectations of cinema stars, the comic seryale salhaye door az khaneh in the distribution of the eight part ….

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خرید قسمت هشتم سال های دور از خانه


salhaye door az khane – all parts

with a relative audience welcomed, It is accompanied by a healthy satire from the vulgarity that unfortunately has infiltrated some of Iran’s cinematic comedies today.
For salhaye dor az khane part 8, the successful sequel of “The Princess”
Spinofs are common in the world of serials. When viewers communicate with a particular character more than other characters, one can use the capacities of the character and build a world of his own for the viewer.

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Now among the works of the home screening network, which is increasing every day, we encounter a Spin of, “salhaye dor az khaneh 8” the first Iranian spinach to be built next to the “Shahgoosh“.
The “salhaye dor az khaneh episode 8” was one of the first and most successful collection of home theater, with its main happenings occurring in the police station of 100 nations. “Shahgooshe 2“, along with the tune of comedy throughout the series, was filled with a mixture of social concerns, characters, and funny tales of its subcategory characters, He was able to communicate with the audience; and this time, Majid Salehi sat on the director’s chair and Ahmad Mehranfar, writing a script for salhaye dor az khaneh, to present a charming comedy series with successful characters.

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پیشنهاد فیلم سون
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