Danlode Salhaye door az khane part 7

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Salhaye Door Az Khane Part 7

salhaye door az khane 7,  Shahgooshe 2 part 7

Danlode Salhaye door az khane part 7

Salhaye door az khaneh , the first Iranian spin of , built by shahgoosh 2“, is now among the works of the home screening network, which is increasing every day.
Salhaye door az khaneh part 7 ” was one of the first and most successful collection of home serial , with the most important events taking place in the police station of 100 nations. In addition to the comedy throughout the series, he was able to communicate with the audience with his social complexities, characters and fun tales of his characters, and this time.

In the salhaye door az khane part 7, Mahmoud and Farangis wedding ceremony will be held. A ceremony that is not troublesome, especially when the parliamentary speaker is Diji Zafarali, who is a problem himself, his cousin is one hundred troubles! In this situation, does the wedding end in good?

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Majid Salehi sat on the director’s chair and Ahmad Mehranfar, the script It has been published Salhaye door az khane , along with success characters, to offer a fascinating comedy series.

Salhaye door az khaneh , therefore the show has shown that the creators of the series, along with comedy and comedy situations, have not forgotten their critique and social responsibility, and criticized issues like luxury’s life and class distance.

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A series of years away from home, Spin off is a magic salhaye door az khane 7, in which the fascinating tales of Dwarf and Venus are two well-known serial characters.

A spin-off or side-by-side salhaye door az khaneh 7 in the film industry and serialization is referred to as a work from another movie or series. Spin-off details of a work (such as topics, focus on characters, stories before and after the original story).

salhaye dor az khane 7

For years away from home, the first Iranian spin-off focuses on the two penny and Venus characters who were present at salhaye door az khaneh part 7. The series narrates the adventures of the two after the end of the soldiery in the police station of 100 nations.

The director of this series salhaye door az khane episode 7 is Majid Salehi and is produced by Mohammad Hossein Ghasemi. The authors of this series are Amir Hossein Ghasemi and Ahmad Mehranfar.


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