danlod serial recovery part 3 سریال ریکاوری قسمت سوم

danlod serial recovery part 3

danlode rikaveri ghesmat 3

danlod serial recovery part 3

serial recovery part 3 serial The catastrophic start of the series with music that is very high and the superficial dialogues that the two main characters express very soon disappoints us in the same intro. This disappointing introduction sooner than we expect, shows us that we are not going to face up with a professional recovery serial , but leave this background behind us and watch the story continue so we may be overwhelmed and the show’s better route. To take But as the serial pass, the serial problems are much more similar to those of the amateur artwork.

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serial rikaveri part 3 , consider the fact that “recovery” is on the first track, and its story is to be expanded, but even the initial characterization has not been made in the story. The paper’s characters and the stories of the storylessness with the haphazard behaviors do not seem to be about to change dramatically. Soheil’s character in the story is a romantic copy of Hooman Seyyed who, like all the serial actors, never becomes a character and remains intact. Even the magazine business does not have a real space and is similar to the Turkish satellite TV series.

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Danlod serial recovery part 6 سریال ریکاوری قسمت ششم

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“Recovery” is a very disappointing start even in comparison to the weakest home screening series in the last few months. One has to wait and see if, after a frustrating experience of serials such as “Forbidden,” would the “recovery”, which, even in the light of weakness, be placed at a lower position, could be successful in reaching the satisfaction of the audience? .
A Draw of Conflicts

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I began to introduce the characters with men because of their focus on the film. Until now, women have been feature films and are arranged in the backdrop of the story (as we see in the title), and we went along with the men. I hope this will change in the sequel so we can see more active characters in the series.

serial rikaveri part 3

Some people may immediately take this conversation feminist, but I must say that this is not the case. Since the main controversy of the series, as evidenced by the story, is the conflict between women on the one hand and men on the other, so that the struggle requires the presence of active characters on both sides.

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Although it is strange that the story of the film has been so established, the same thing happened for Negar Abedi (the wife of Massoud), it seems that it would be for Negar and Beata too, since the “Outdoor Recovery” program in all three men in the film shared uncompromisingly There is a caste for their women; but with different motives.

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