danlod serial recovery part 4 سریال ریکاوری قسمت چهارم

danlod serial recovery part 4

danlode rikaveri ghesmat 4

danlod serial recovery part 4

serial recovery part 4 i hope that a worthy man will come to this film (or one of these characters will stop from what he is going to do), and the screenwriter also understands that the gender-strife of the kind of cease-fire of some female Iranian filmmakers is not an interesting thing.Not to mention that apart from the title, the phrase “Now is the time for the raquoirie” is much promoted by the photos of the movie

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serial recovery part 4 despite the fact that we have not seen a positive sign of recovery in the same division. I wish that the purpose of this series was to advertise a true and consistent recurrence, which I still find very unlikely with the layout of the characters.
Are we in a critical series?

serial rikaveri part 4

The publication is believed to be a critic of the government due to the non-conservative taste of Babak. But the problem here is that the life of Luckarde’s lovers like Cowboys and submarines of Soheil in relation to financial affairs, with their titles and their subject matter going against the status quo, is not related.

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Danlod serial recovery part 7 سریال ریکاوری قسمت هفتم

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It feels that this “social film” label is a bit too much for the movie, and the script is simply due to the fashionable state of critique, a few lines behind the bumps and the dollar; I wish that in the following sections, this critical aspect would be really serious And the characters get close to the sword of the fighters and critics of economic corruption.

serial rikaveri part four

Until now, we’ve seen more cultural overnight mafia, which is more than just a tailor-made device, introducing various lifestyles and advertising, with its beautiful coats and colorful and colorful drinks.
Character coloring

 سریال ریکاوری قسمت چهارم 4

If we want to identify the color spectrum of people in the film, we should put men in black-gray. Massoud due to being alcoholic and deceiving Babak
The title of a married man is the darkest one, and soheil is a little brighter for his ignorance and his marriage. Soheil, with all the hands of the flush of water and his many language games (apparently every woman except Bita, understands that it is related to the operation of the reservoir) has a special scene in this part of the series; the result of this scene in the car’s location, showing this It is to be seen that, despite his financial and personal hardship, he can not be a complete parasite, and still has a bit of a man. Majid Vakhsani played a relatively good role.

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Due to behavior, Babak has a better status on the color chart than the previous two. Though the routine he made for his wife’s brushing syrup makes him think of darker colors. Poria Pourshahk played her bad boy’s role in her first appearance in the Sahibaldan series, and she looked great, but it went on to recur. It seems that this time the body and face, and its voice are somehow in the role of sitting and roughly good jokes and serious dialogues.

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On the other hand, women are films that are white at the same time, but not those relaxing whites, but also from gypsum-white beads, which often fall under the hearts of humans. Injection of women’s policies is urgently needed. Although I know it’s unlikely that this is happening, women’s superficial payments are a common occurrence by most male screenwriters.

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In the new competition between home-grown series, it is a film-winning band that defines a fascinating and intriguing story in a new style. There are a lot of ads or brands that some developers have to offer, but eventually they are serial characters that can be a work saver. Most of the recent series have been pretty good in the first part, but they did not fall short. Check out the Monster Series for more details. What should be seen for the recapture of the series, despite the description given to it from its first episode.

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